X00E50200310/76 Plug in board PS601-B is the part of electronic control system for
MTU396 series diesel engine. The board is from MTU.

1122 X00E50200310/76(5045308414/76) PLUG IN BOARD PS11-01
1123 X51108300001(X51108300003) FUEL FILTER  Only use for MTU2000CR engine
1124 X51204200001 (X51204200003) GASKET
1125 X53107700002 FUEL LINE(LACKETED)
1126 X53604200004 SEALING PLATE OUTER
1127 X53604200005 SEALING PLATE INNER
1129 X59599100058(5110250052) Washer,MTU396 Turbo
1130 X59599100132(5360520080) GASKET
1131 XP00A36400010、X59541200001、XP00A36400004 Filter Insert F.Fuel COND Plant
1132 XP51108300008 FB060353

The Company is managed by an experienced senior engineering technician.  The Chief Technology Officer graduated from professional of the performance research, design and manufacture of marine internal combustion engine of well-known university in the 1980s in China.  From the beginning of 1990s to 2001, he worked in the worldwide largest high speed passenger vessel fleet and was in charge of technology management, repair & maintenance and parts supply of mechanical & electrical power equipment of vessel for nearly 200 sets of diesel engine of MTU, DEUTZ & MWM and BENZ, nearly 100 sets of KAMEWA water jet and nearly 100 sets of gearbox of ZF and REINTJES.