First off, players will wow tbc classic gold need to know a couple of things regarding their Smoldering Ember Wyrm. It is a mount that can be picked up by players from levels one to 60. It requires the rider to be an apprentice rider. It arrived in the patch and isn't only available to the Alliance and the Horde.

This run to reach Nightbane is timed, which means players need to be vigilant and be able to manage their time. Following the checklist below will ensure that they make it to the finish line and get the Smoldering Ember Wyrm. This is how you can get through this task that is time-sensitive.

When getting into Karazhan after opening the door and entering the building, players will receive an insidious message "The strange chill of a ghostly presence winds through space." From this point players have eight minutes in which to acquire the first crystal. To get the first crystal, players must be able to finish Opera before the eight-minute time limit is up.

After you have defeated Opera grab the first to the Soul Fragments in the Opera's audience. Each of the Soul Fragments grabbed will grant players a bit of time to defeat Nightbane. Once the first crystal is located, players are granted an Medivh's Echo buff. This buff will grant the player 6 minutes to reach the end. Crystals from here will increase the timer of the player.

The second soul fragment lies right before players reach the Maiden who does not need to defeat. After the death of Morose players will discover the third. Four is in the room called Buy wow tbc classic gold the spider, before getting to the entrance to the stairs. If the players have enough time they can find the final Soul Fragment can be found in the room of Nightbane after defeating the Curator.