Chegg is a great platform for students to have online tutoring of various subjects and completing easy to difficult all types of homework, and it provides online books and guidance related to any assignments or homework, users are not able to deal with. 

Students of schools, as well as college or students preparing for competitive exams, their syllabus, and proper guidance to their solutions, can be found on this website.

Is Chegg free or not?

Chegg services are not free, it has high premium rates, which can not easily be affordable by all Individuals.

So there are many users, who seek free answers to their solutions as it has great services but not for free. 

Ways for how to see Chegg answers free:

  • Users can use the Chegg free answers option for getting free Chegg answers for their questions.

In this users would have to enter their name, email address, and the question they need answers for.

They are 24×7 available for their users with all the best possible solutions and delivered to the users as soon as possible.

  • Users can also try Chegg's 4-week trial, Chegg offers a month free trial to its users, to gain their confidence and attract more and more users with their services.
  • Another way is to try a Chegg premium account for free, with free username and password login options for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Users can get their free Chegg solutions from Reddit, an online social media platform. 
  • From Discord Bot, users can also get free Chegg answers.