There are words that you only understand when you are immersed in the betting environment. But if you are warned, then you are armed! Learning these words will make it easier for you to understand cappers (you know who they are, right?), which means your business will go uphill.

"Concrete" is a win-win event.  Particularly popular among "Internet cappers."

"Wagon" - one match of an express consisting of a large number of events.

Valuy - a bet, the chance of a passage of which is higher than the bookmaker's estimate.

"Sure thing" - a match where the final result is not in doubt. As a rule, applies to a game with a significant difference in odds.

Fork - bets on two opposite outcomes. In this case, one bet loses, but the player makes a profit due to the difference in odds and betting amounts.

Handicap - equalizes the chances of opponents to win (second name - handicap). The bigger is the advantage of the stronger over the weaker, the bigger is the handicap. Bookmaker puts negative handicaps on favorites and positive handicaps on outsiders.

Long bet is a bet made long before the event starts. Popular with early betting bonuses.

Arrangement - an event, the result of which is known in advance due to the collusion of the participants. In case of suspicion of collusion of the match, you should refuse such a bet, because the bookmaker's office is unlikely to pay such winnings, having declared the match deliberately unfair.

Odds multiplier is a betting strategy which consists of the following: betting on the same event until it wins and with a corresponding increase in the bet amount in case of losses.

Insider - information about the exact result of an event.

Outcome - the expected result on which the bettor enters into a bet.

Line - a list of exposed events and their outcomes with odds offered by bookmakers.

Ludomania - betting on everything in the hope of making a profit.

Order - a bet on a single event.

Bet - a condition concluded between two parties, according to which the loser must fulfill his obligation. In the case of betting in bookmaker's offices - to pay the declared amount.

Overload - a large number of bets on one or another outcome which distort the real picture of the probability of the outcomes.

System - a set of singles. Unlike the express, all singles do not need to be a correct match for the system to win. If the system is called "3 out of 5", there are two errors in five selections.

Event - the event on which the bets are accepted.

Time/Match - bets on the outcome of the first half of the meeting and the whole match.

Total - made bet on the estimated number of goals, etc. scored by a participant of the event.

Express - the combination of single bets, for the winning of which the winning of each bet included in the express.

So, friends, if you have reached this place, your intentions are serious and you are on the right track! All you need to do is add some patience, wit and care, then place your sports bet on the 4rabet site and wait! We wish you good luck!