Thanks to smartphones, we are used to having different mobile applications that help us in our daily lives, such as entertainment and finance apps. However, there is another type of application that is slowly changing the way we interact with mobile apps: This super app is coming up for the first time in the Android and Apple app stores, with tons of multi-services.  

What is a super app? 

A super app is a concept that began to emerge and become popular in countries like China. It is a platform where a wide variety of functionalities can be carried out from a single application: chat, bank transactions, purchase of products or groceries, games, live television, purchase or rental of movies, payment of transport, balance recharges, and much more. 

The benefit is clear: a person can use the same mobile application to perform a wide variety of actions quickly, easily, and comfortably, without having to occupy too much storage space on their device. 

In addition, you do not have to create an account or share your personal data with several app developers, but rather provide your information only to one entity and consult your movements and transactions in an agile way. 

Super apps that currently exist are not many - it is estimated that there are around five major ones and soon others are immerging to the surface - and, in fact, most were not born as super apps, but rather evolved to become one. 

In the western world, these types of applications are not yet well known, but some interesting proposals are emerging that seek to encourage their use. 

The benefits of a super app

We have already mentioned some benefits of super apps, but there is more to be brought to the table. 

Financial inclusion

Thanks to the fact that within a mega app it is possible to have a bank account and carry out different transactions, more people have access to financial services and their digitization. 

This is important since millions of people have the opportunity to access the banking system and take advantage of formal financial instruments, such as savings, insurance, and credit. 

Support for local businesses

Super apps also promote and strengthen the local economy, as they allow small businesses or entrepreneurs to create online stores for free and promote themselves to attract more customers. 

They also help them go digital by making tools available to them such as QR paying, bank transfers, or making simple chats. 

Security and ease of use

It is easier to learn how to use a single application and manage it than to use more than one at the same time. In addition, it is easier and more transparent to protect your personal data, since they are in one place.