If you have supplied all the correct Coinbase sign in credentials and you believe that you are logging in through the correct website but you still see a message saying that your Coinbase account is under review, then there is a huge possibility that you have committed a mistake. Well, committing a mistake, in this situation, does not only mean that you have fed the wrong Coinbase sign in credentials. But, some issues with your account could also arise because you were found to be involved in a fraudulent transaction.

Sometimes, when a user's account gets hacked or some kind of suspicious activity has been taken place through your account, then also Coinbase would review your account. However, there are a few ways that you can undergo in order to regain account access.

In the first instance, you should avoid involving in any such activity that could lead to an account locked issue. Apart from that, you should make sure that nobody gains unauthorized account access which is possible only if you enable 2FA in your account.

Steps to get back into your account

If you have your Coinbase sign in details and you're not able to sign in, then you can undergo the password reset procedure. Otherwise, you can contact Coinbase Support for more help. Else, set up two-step verification by following these steps:

  1. Sign in with your valid Coinbase Sign In details on the official platform
  2. Now, you'll be asked to go through the 2FA process
  3. After that, you can also verify your identity by submitting the necessary documents

Well, there is one more way to get back into your account and you can achieve this by contacting the Coinbase team. Once you contact them, you will need to provide the following information to them:

  • You may be asked for the details of your previous login
  • You can also provide them with the details of the transactions that were made by you
  • They may also ask about how your Coinbase sign in details was compromised or whether you have shared your login details with anyone or not
  • They may ask you about some more details in support of your request so that they can know whether it's you trying to regain account access or not


At times, due to several different reasons, your Coinbase account would start showing a message that says "your account is under review". So, in that case, you can follow the troubleshooting guidelines that are given in this post and try to regain account access.

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