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Not only did Madden 23 add a ton of new gameplay features, but it also revamped the franchise mode and updated all ratings. Madden 23's new cover pays homage to a deceased celebrity. But unfortunately, even with a lot of new features added to Madden 23, cross-play won't be one of them.

Although the previous version content did not carry over to Madden 23, progress is fully transferable when upgrading consoles, and players purchasing newly released consoles do not have to start from scratch, it is important to note that Madden can only be moved across generations and not across platforms schedule.

Like every sports game, being a cover athlete is something that every player looks forward to, and if it is a famous player, it can attract the attention of players, so it is also very important to choose a cover athlete. Will determine the ratings for Madden 23.

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