Back to Elyon This is an open-world MMORPG created in the hands of one of Korea's best-known Korean game developers, Krafton (or Bluehole Studio). The player is transported to an extremely chaotic  Elyon Gold world called the continent of Harth and where the two kingdoms that are independent of Vulpin and Ontari are competing for control of Elyon which is the portal to heaven. In the latest release, Elyon allows players to choose among 7 classes to explore the world of Warlord, Mystic, Elementalist, Gunslinger, Assassin, Slayer and Archer. Each character comes with unique skills that players can customize and combine with over 60 different ways to create their own unique fighting style. Elyon SEA is an open world action MMORPG officially launched today - image 2 Besides the familiar features of the MMORPG, Elyon also inherits and promotes the best of Tera Online and, as such, is described as a complete upgrade of Tera. One of the most exciting gameplay experiences in Elyon is the continuous fights. As we've mentioned earlier, Harth is the place where there is a dispute in the war between Vulpin and Ontari, so after choosing an army, players be involved in large-scale constant, beautiful and fierce battles between two factions. In addition, the battleground between classes is equally attractive. Elyon is also full of opportunities for players to show their skills in dungeons, from solo to group. Elyon SEA - an open world action MMORPG was officially released today - image 3 Finally, Elyon is developed with modern 3D graphics technology, and environmental effects and weather effects that are well-planned. Thus, whether on the  Elyon Gold buy ground, water or in the air, traversing the world of Harth or fighting in combat, players will be able to enjoy amazing visuals.