My coordinates are all about 4 squares out of the ladder. Problem is there's at least one lesser demon that respawns there. I possess the place pretty much figured out but want approximately ten seconds to perform it. My probs are following a while I get low on meals because the RS gold demon keeps respawning and then there's a rev that keeps showing up to strike me. What is the best tactic for this? 1)keep hopping low population(slow respawn) worlds to locate solo lesser with no rev and operate there? 2)find solo diminished without a toaster and lure lower outside gate and then lock out? 3)If attacked by rev should I run down ladder and try to hop worlds? I can bring anti-posion next time.

I am going to go with dragon de ++ second time and complete pray equipment. Bring 2 superb energy containers and two prayer pots and sharks. Also likely to bring my prayer book and holy symbol to beg. I got teleblocked when I ran out of food and obtained posoned by spiders in kbd lair last time so was fortunate I had two super enrgy pots. Thanks! I'm doing Desert Treasure Quest and I am planning to go fight Kamil. I just want to know if you guys think I am prepared and have the perfect stuff. I've already fought him once and expired, so I do not want to die again. Well I know how to aviansies, done it hundreds of times with prayer on my pure, I understand genereally what to do when tanking just want to ensure. Avas accumilator(no other cape that's better that I possess;short of cash) Do u think I could make it? Ill take sharks and I received a dds... I will mage/range. I have mage lvl 62 and range lvl 60. Thank you in advanced. I recently got stuck on a treasure trail. Here is my first one so I'm not that experienced...

Heres the way the road went: clue 1: (idk the exact words)it advised me to go under the shantay pass's awning and perform a jig whilst wielding an air staff, a bronze shield, and a snail helmet. And bow before you talk to me...--some man popped up and gave me another clue. Clue two: it showed a part of the world map which was actually a portion of the clocktower. . In a box with the tower, I found the clue. Clue 3: (I am stuck on this one) It says: dig if you're not feeling too well. I've talked to everyone in the desert using the name ali, and I am completely lost,,, Please help!

I'm becoming a member shortly (after I get up my stats ). I have been consistently wondering what armor/other things I need to get when I move manhood or before. I'm kinda on a limited budget of 500k for more suggestion, but that I will earn more by chopping then selling yews. I am thinking bout this so far for melee: Head:? Amulet: Glory Amulet (no explanation needed) Cape: Zamorak Cape (I enjoy Zamorak plus it cheap RuneScape gold gives prayer bonus I think) Body: Dharok Plate (like thighs ) Legs: Dharok Legs (looks great, provides high incentive ) Feet: Dragon Boots (defence bonuses, llok kinda trendy with dharoks) Hand: Ddp++ (at first, I will probably proceed to abyssal whip) Shield: Obsidian Shield (looks cool, gives good bonuses)