Since yachts differ in their functional and aesthetic characteristics, size and purpose, it is difficult to answer unambiguously the question which of them are the most popular. It does not matter which one you choose the most important thing is to learn how to sail it, and will help you in that.

If you choose a yacht for a family, depending on its composition, characters and individual characteristics of your family, pay attention to the following types of yachts:


Flybridge and sport cruising yachts can be considered as the ideal vessel for a family vacation. On a flybridge vessel, the control station is on top, which is especially convenient - easier to moor and sunbathe in sunny weather. If you need that extra space, a flybridge yacht is the way to go.


Unlike flybridge yachts, sport boats are not equipped with an overhead rig and therefore have a slightly smaller footprint for the same length, but they are more dynamic and generally cheaper to sail. Which is more important: the driving pleasure or the extra space on board, is up to you to decide. There are yachts with hardtop (sliding hardtop), such models have some advantages: in comparison with traditional tent, hardtop looks more aesthetically, but it perfectly protects from wind and rain. An important option is the presence of aft doors, isolating the saloon, they allow to maintain a constant comfortable temperature inside.


Displacement type yachts are economical, with relatively small dimensions have a lot of space. One disadvantage - they are not able to develop high speed, so they are suitable for leisurely walks and will be appreciated by quiet people who like to enjoy silence and sea scenery.