In this article you will find the basic terms used in sports betting, learn their concepts and definition.  

Gambling betting has become popular in all continents but it is more developed in the African continent. And the most striking representative is a bookmaker's office

Bankroll is the amount of money in the player's account in a bookmaker's office, which he allocates for betting on sports.

Concrete - confident bet with a very high probability of winning in the opinion of the player (iron bet, iron, iron, iron,)

Banker - the main event in a Parlay, which guarantees a positive outcome and profit. For example, a banker event with odds 1.95 can be complemented by several outcomes with odds 1.2-1.4.

Bettor - a player who bets on sports in bookmakers' offices.

Bigmarket - an event on which bets are accepted in a large size.

Exchange - a platform on which players can place bets and accept bets from other players. There are no limits on the amount of bets on the exchange, so two players themselves decide what amount and at what odds to bet and accept.From each winning is taken additional commission (as a margin in the bookmaker), which is the main income of the exchange.

BK - bookmaker's office. Here you will be able to see our Top Bookmakers at the moment.

Bonus (in a bookmaker's office) - cash rewards or material prizes for players who fulfill certain conditions of the bookmaker's office.

Bonushunter - a player who earns from bonuses in bookmaker offices.

Booth - a ground-based betting shop.

Booster - a bet with a small odds, which is added to a parlay to increase the total odds. Another purpose of a booster is to bypass the bookmaker's ban on placing two bets on the same event. The second bet on the event can be combined with the booster and get a parlay bet, which the bookmaker can't ban.