We studied this year's crime dramas and thrillers and made the best shortlist. Some are scarred and some are sad. They are all good.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado
In 2015, a film sneaked into the cinema and shocked the audience. Fashionable, uncompromising and suffocating, the cruel Mexican drug cartel thriller sicario remains one of the best films of the past decade. The director Denis Villeneuve may have done something bigger, but the original author, the talented Taylor Sheridan, participated in this follow-up.It's a pity that there is no Emily Blunt here, but James Brolin and the highlight of the first crime movie, Benny odeltoro, are back. Sicario: soldier's day has never reached its brother's exciting height, but it will definitely be close. Especially in the crazy action scenario where the intelligence assets of Brolin and del Toro must confront the Mexican special forces. If you don't like the sound of machine gun shooting, you'd better avoid using it.

American Animals
Two bored teenagers decide to plan a perfect crime to alleviate the drudgery of their ordinary life, but soon find themselves consumed by the plan, so that they can't help trying to implement it. But, of course, it's not as easy as they thought to dig out a priceless work of art from the library's safe and fence it.Part drama, part comedy, part documentary, this clever little film is fascinating, interesting, and - most importantly - an incredible true story. Evan Peters is charismatic, and Barry Keoghan proves why he is one of the most sought after young actors today.A funny crime movie.

The Equalizer 2
They are not entirely brains, nor are they starring Edward Woodward, but equalizer movies provide simple stimulation that won't be sneered at. Therefore, the follow-up of the first outing in 2014 is not a problem for the academies. So? It is still Denzel Washington who reunited with his training day and the seven directors Antoine Fuqua again. The two of them provided some thrilling and dangerous warning actions.The plot is so unforgettable that you will forget it even if you are watching it, but it is not important. This is old Washington kicking his ass and naming it in various satisfactory ways. Like leather boots, wine and Liam Nissen, this man will get better with age. We can watch him whip bad guys with pistols all day.An unforgettable crime movie.

The Girl in the Spider's Web
Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy has been adapted into four films, all of which are very popular. Therefore, fans of Scandi Noir and Lisbeth Salander are glad to hear that I am David lagercrantz, the author of Zlatan, commissioned to write the follow-up girl in the spider web novel in 2013. The book was published two years later. Now, in 2018, we have a film version.This crime movie, played by Claire foy of crown as a talented computer hacker and "the right and wrong" Salander, takes a more action oriented approach to litigation than its predecessor. But this is not weak at all.The task is to retrieve a dangerous nuclear software program from the NSA. As spies, mobs, Lisbeth's evil sister and our anti heroine all clash in various ugly ways, things quickly go astray. Quite a few critics give the girl in the spider web something, and - if we are completely honest - we have no idea why.

Den of Thieves
When we're talking about a tough thriller that never gives up but is unlikely to win an Oscar for best screenplay, let's talk about the den of thieves. More discerning film lovers may laugh at the 140 minute poster of Gerard Butler holding a gun. But please bear with us here.First, Butler is almost apocalyptic here. He is unpleasant and bulky. It seems that he has been sitting for ten years. He roared and cowered, usually alpha male, and did a very good job as the leader of the police in chasing down a team of professional thieves.A shabby Pablo Schreiber (the American gods) is the leader of the bad guys in this interesting journey, using performance enhancing drugs like the heat. It is available on Netflix. I will soon surprise myself with this heavy gem.A general crime movie.

Hold the Dark
Jeremy Saulnier was behind some of the best low-cost crime films of the past few years with his excellent "blue ruins" and equally excellent "green room". So whatever he does is worth a try. Hold the dark has a slightly different approach and tone from his previous films, but it is equally disturbing and exciting.Retired wolf expert Jeffrey Wright ventured north to Alaska to help investigate the death of the son of a distraught woman from his favorite animal's paw. When a woman's violent husband (played by Alexander scarsgaard of the little drummer girl) returns from a mission in Iraq, things go from creepy to completely crazy. Look forward to James badge Dale's excellent turn as the local sheriff and the most exciting and unusual gun fight this year.