It has now been several years since the electronic cigarette appeared and took its place on the market. Although the number of stores that market these devices seems to have decreased, the fact remains that many people use e-cigs.

According to the Higher Institute of Health, there are approximately millions of pf people who regularly or occasionally use electronic cigarettes. If you're considering switching to e-cigs yourself, you might be wondering how it works, and what its advantages are.

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Expert advice on electronic cigarettes

To allow you to make an initial assessment, you will first need to understand how these devices work, and therefore to know what exactly electronic cigarettes are.

As for the benefits, there are certainly those related to the reduction of harmful substances released into the body by traditional cigarettes. Also, it does not produce secondhand smoke.
Among the other advantages, we know that electronic cigarettes will be able to help those who intend to quit smoking.

What are electronic cigarettes?

The term "electronic cigarettes" refers to those devices that allow you to inhale the vapor, almost always flavored, and that contain a certain amount of nicotine.

Inside the atomizer, there is a resistance that is powered by a lithium battery, producing the vaporization of the internal liquid, which is then inhaled by the smoker.

The amount of nicotine contained in these devices is variable and generally oscillates between 6 milligrams and 24 milligrams. This can be adjusted according to the needs of each individual and is dissolved in a mixture of water, glycerol, propylene glycol, flavorings, and other substances. There are references that don't contain any amount of nicotine.

Advantages of electronic cigarette

Vaping: This is the term we use when we smoke with an electronic cigarette. This process makes it possible to introduce only the necessary quantity of nicotine into the body.
You choose an e-liquid that contains the level of nicotine you really need, and that is rated according to your nicotine addiction.

The vaping experience

Using an e-cig (an abbreviated term from English) allows you to have an olfactory, tactile, and taste experience very similar to that of a cigarette.

An option similar to cigarettes, but healthier

Smoking is also a habit particularly linked to gestures. And the electronic cigarette makes it possible to reproduce them while presenting the advantage of being less dangerous for health.

Some models are able to faithfully reproduce some typical characteristics: such as the possibility of placing the device between the index and middle finger or observing the smoke. Some appreciate it when the devices give off a lot of steam/smoke.

If you decide to opt for the e-cigarettes in Switzerland, you will be able to satisfy all the habits you have taken as a smoker. And in particular, those from a gestural point of view and those relating to the sociability of smoking (the famous cigarette break). These are two important components for all smokers from a psychological point of view.

Vaping does not produce secondhand smoke

Two studies, in particular, find that smoke from e-cigarettes disappears from indoor environments five times faster than smoke from traditional cigarettes.
Moreover, if it is true that the concentration of particles while smoking or vaping in an environment is the same. Levels return to normal after 45 minutes with cigarettes, whereas with e-cig smoke it only takes a few seconds to bring them back to a “cleansed” environment.