Your most frequently accessed supplies should be within your reach but not take up your workspace. You may have a desk with drawers or a desktop storage box to help organize your desk. Either way, it's important to store your supplies in a way that makes sense for the space, objects, and everyday life.


    Use a combination of size inserts to fit the exact dimensions of the drawer and the category that lives there. Drawers tend to require trial and error, so don't be afraid to move things around until you're happy with the results. We always recommend adding a few points of museum gel to the bottom of each insert so they don't move around.

    Shelving: Stackable clear drawers or open storage bins are a practical solution for offices or desks without built-in storage. They can be placed on a shelf or in a nearby cabinet. Just make sure to tag each category so you can easily find what you're looking for.

    Tangle your rope

    Electronic products such as printers and laptops come with many cables. Using rope to collect them helps keep everything streamlined and less cluttered. We also recommend adding a power cord label to your power strip, this will prevent you from turning off the wifi when you just unplug the light.

    Docking your device

    Create a docking station for your everyday electronics (phone, laptop, etc.) with letter dividers and large USB ports so you can unplug your device while it remains plugged in.

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