I get the hatred for EA. I really do. But Mut 21 coins some people like sports games and don't mind the purchase price. Just because it is not your cup of java doesn't mean it is not someone's.

You can't change a match mechanically when its sport. It makes the game unrealistic.

I don't understand why people have the urge to gatekeep so much about here. Let folks spend their hard earned cash however they see fit.

I think a good deal of it is regret. At least that is the way I feel. I regret my involvement in helping to spread those features in matches in their first years and make them money sinks.

I'm prepared to bet majority of individuals who browse gaming never buy EA's sports games anyhow. For those people who do purchase it(myself included a while ), it is worth the investment. Let people appreciate what they want ffs Nearly all people who play sports games know what they're getting. A 60 roster upgrade with some small graphic tweaks and other smaller changes.

Nearly all of my friends who play sports games play with them almost religiously, damn near the only games that they ever play meaning that they buy less games together, so spending $60 on the Mmoexp Madden 21 coins new one isn't too huge a deal. Have not had troubles on Madden like I have FIFA, except for recipients not finishing filters and paths not blocking Now, I would take a better game with no NFL/NHL/NBA license.