QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus and Premier Plus are robust accounting software programs that you may install locally and buy on an annual basis. Although Pro Plus is the better value if you don't want that level of specialization, Premier Plus contains industry-specific capabilities that make it the overall victor.

Why QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus wins

It's challenging to match Premier Plus' level of specialization, especially if you work in one of the sectors it was designed for:

  • contracting generally.
  • Retail.
  • manufacturing and distribution.
  • Nonprofit.
  • specialized services.
  • The product excels in this area.

When to choose QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus instead

Pro Plus is substantially less expensive and is recommended for companies with more than three users who may not require industry-specific information. 


Additionally, customers can always upgrade to Premier Plus at later time from within the program. 


The shift, according to QuickBooks, just takes few minutes.
Pro Plus and Premier Plus are less transportable, more challenging to share with accountants or other business partners, and less user-friendly than their cloud-based rivals, especially for individuals without prior accounting experience.