The capsules used in capsules are divided into different types such as hard capsules, soft capsules, enteric-coated capsules, sustained-release capsules, controlled-release capsules, implanted capsules, and external capsules, etc., so the required materials are also different.

    The main encapsulation material of soft capsules is gelatin, and plasticizers, colorants, preservatives, and molding auxiliaries are added according to different needs.

    Rubber material: mainly use gelatin or acacia;

    Plasticizer: mainly glycerin, sorbitol, or a mixture of the two; additional additives are required, including preservatives, sunscreens, pigments, fragrances, etc.

    Water: Water is an essential substance for soft capsules, and is the characteristic and formation basis of soft capsules to increase the elasticity and plasticity of capsules. Only when gelatin, plasticizer, and water are in proper proportions can they be made into elastic and moldable soft capsules. Capsules are preparations prepared by processing the raw materials by suitable methods, adding suitable auxiliary materials to fill in hollow capsules, or sealing in soft capsule materials, and are mainly used for oral administration.

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