Both management systems standards on quality management system (QMS), whereas attempting to include the complete organization, still lack parts associate degreed dimensions to holistically defend an enterprise. The idea of resilience expands these approaches and enhances the preparation and development of organizations.

Resilience – What’s this?

Do we tend to need this new approach? What’s new? There square measure such a large amount of standards already – can we ever cope? Another certification? we tend to do that all the time! These square measure all sensible and valid queries and statements. The idea of resilience isn't new. If we tend to interpret the definition of resilience because of the “ability… to soak up and adapt in a very dynamic setting,” we tend to understand that Mother Nature (evolution) has with success applied this principle for quite a while. As such, it's quite cheap to adopt this approach conjointly for organizations (run by humans). For long-time stability and growth, there's no different instruction than the power to adapt.

Yet another standard?

The new normal ISO 9001 certification in Saudi Arabia provides steerage (recommends associate degree approach) to boost associate degree organization’s resilience. It will thus by proposing principles, attributes, and activities conducive to a lot of resilient organizations. This normal (a steerage document) can't be accustomed certify associate degree organization; rather, it is an associate degree umbrella covering a spread of management disciplines, that all have to be compelled to be sufficiently mature and able to move with one another in a very synergistic fashion. 2 of those management disciplines square measure data security (ISO 9001 Services in Saudi Arabia) and business continuity (ISO 9001 Services in Dubai). These system management standards serve to properly implement the several approaches, and organizations could get certified against these 2 standards. structure resilience expands the idea of preparation conjointly to threats that may develop slowly, however still would be fatal for the organization if not properly anticipated. whereas the above-named system management standards subsume classic troubled, explosive events (such because it breakdowns or a plant fire), a resilience approach conjointly deals with political, legal, demographic, climate-related, and different threats, which might not impact the organization from one moment to future, however perhaps months and years down the road. what number of world-leading organizations have nonexistent as a result of they weren't resilient enough: Swissair, Kodak, Nokia, …?

Structured approach

One of the best values of ISO 9001 Consultant in Dubai is predicated on the very fact that it proposes a structured approach to resilience. whereas organizations could have a lot of or less with success been on a path to resilience (especially people who have enforced associate degree ISMS or BCMS in line with ISO 9001 in Saudi Arabia or ISO 9001 in Dubai), the new steerage document on structure resilience provides concrete steerage on what to undertake. Understanding the context of the organization. this can be vital in conducive to structure resilience, not solely as an area of managing risk, however conjointly distinctive opportunities, didn't fail to say this attribute. this can be nothing new for users of systems management standards. browse also: The blessing of continuous improvement in ISO 9001 in Saudi Arabia.


The third level of this approach proposes a spread of activities, conjointly conducive to the ultimate goal, for example:

  1. Individual goals square measure to be aligned with the organization’s goals
  2. Clarity regarding the organization’s purpose, which can have to be compelled to be modified
  3. Follow abreast of innovative ideas
  4. Think on the far side of current activities
  5. Management disciplines
  6. Last, however not least, a company is recommended to implement and refine a spread of management disciplines. we have a tendency to already understand 2 of them: data security and business continuity. ISO 9001 Consultant in Dubai a spread of further management disciplines be nurtured.








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