If you are RuneScape gold feeling"are there items in a POH that assist routine game play", you betcha! But there are too many , at too many different levels, to provide all the details; I propose visiting Sal's site or to TipIt and doing research in the skill guides there. Synopsis of items you can do in a variety of chambers: Workshop -fix armour, including Barrows armour; make flatpack furniture (not a money-maker till large levels); unlimited tool provides; create clockwork toys. Chapel - recharge your prayer at your altar; additional prayer XP at greater levels. Costume room - storage of lots of items, which frees up your bank space.Okays, I have played for nearly two decades now but have never committed for a 99 skill. . .yet =P. I've decided to go for 99 Ranged, since it is my favourite skill of all. My level right now is 61, a long way to go, and one thing makes it a billion or so times tougher. I'm a F2Per. I know that it's unlikely that I will make it to 99 alone, and so anybody got any suggestions?

Usually I train at lesser allies at the Karamja Volcano - the ones throughout the wall near Elvarg - and sometimes - if I would like prayer experience - at the Hill Giants on Crandor. Are there some better places, gear or monsters available? What I wear (best outfit for a f2per, however, complete rubbish in comparison to what a P2Per has): Rune Full Helm/Green D'Hide Coif 100. Team-29 Cape. Amulet Of Power. 5000 or so Steel Arrows (can't afford better atm, sadly). Maple Shortbow. Green D'Hide Body. No shield. Green D'Hide Vambraces. Fighting Boots. Rubbish, I understand. Oh, and how long could it take me to get the 99, how many hours when I coached at the lessers? I Play Around 3 -5 hours Everyday ( Add No-Lifer Comment Here ) Here is My Strategy: I Max Melee First Training In The DT Skeles, With Guthans, This can be 60k Xp An hour So around 150-250k daily, This ought to get me maximum melee by April-May Time. (Hopefully ) Subsequently Im Getting 99 hunter, that ive been told, makes un 30M ( have to check that tbh ) This Should Take Me No Over a month, as ive been told it can be up to 100k xp an hour ( have to test that too ) Then ill be heading for RS07 Gold 99 fishing. . Fly fish in shilo village to 90 ( from 76 ).