People often wear magnetic jewelry for health purposes, also known as magnetic therapy. Ring neodymium magnets are loved by people. Magnetic therapy doctors claim that wearing magnetic jewelry on specific parts of the human body can relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and speed up recovery. Although magnetic jewelry has some health benefits, it can also be harmful, and it may even cause death in certain groups of people.
  Rings made of magnets can be worn without any obvious harm to the body. People are in a magnetic environment, the earth is a huge magnetic field, and it has no effect on physical health. A small magnet ring will not have any effect, and there is no electricity, so there is no harm to physical health.
  And the magnetic ring can turn into a coin through glass magic: put a coin on the glass table, put a coin under it, and cover it with your hand to let the magnetic ring absorb it and prevent it from falling. Slide your hand to the position of the coin on the table, hold it across the glass, and use the ring to suck up the coin on it. The coin below falls into the other hand to complete the coin crossing. The key point is to grasp the timing of sucking the coins and the timing of hiding the coins after the performance.

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