Brass bathroom fixtures have been one of the industry's standard materials for many years, for a number of reasons, including its durability and versatility. Brass basin faucets, fittings, and other bathroom components are known to last for years—much longer than some of the other materials used.

    If you're deciding whether to use brass fixtures in your newly upgraded bathroom, keep in mind these benefits the material offers:

    Durability is worth repeating: Solid brass is known for its durability. Fixtures made from this material will last for decades and withstand a lot of wear and tear on bathroom faucets and other components. Also, its sturdiness makes it less prone to damage in everyday use.


    Because brass is so often used in bathrooms, it's easy to find just about any plumbing part or fixture made of this material, which makes it very easy to replace bathroom parts. Plus, solid brass fixtures come in a variety of different finishes, perfect for any style bathroom, from vintage to modern.

    Easy to use

    Solid brass plumbing fittings and bathroom fixtures are also known for their ease of bending and shaping. This means that despite the higher upfront cost, the installation and maintenance costs of the bathroom are likely to be lower because the material is so simple to work with.

    Add value to your home

    Brass bathroom fixtures will add value to your home due to their durability compared to other materials - especially if you choose cheaper steel, zinc or plastic versions of the material. In fact, antique brass bathroom faucets are often used in vintage bathrooms because it's easy to find them in good condition.

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