I mean the Animal Crossing Bells very fact your remark was seemingly just"yup" initially did not seem especially useful, particularly when even people who watched the movie would have forgotten about that attribute. Like clearly the person who was requesting would want to learn what the QoL improvements were when the response has been yes.Which ones? I found none in the video. Like they even show that you have to buy candy separately you can't buy in bulk That's the Exact Same ol bullshitOnths, but I am surprised that eased my mind. Crafting fish bait was likely the worst offender. I had been in a small-ish AC community and there was a guy who duped tons for folks to help decrease the pain.

I have been playing daily since launch. I like ACNH. The holidays are exciting. My only gripe is the slow and apparently limited feed of items and DiY. I've yet to locate an ironwood vest diy but I've a stack of mountain standees and straw hats.

The top comments are all superficial players of the game. The dialogue is actually pretty varied, but it is doled out very gradually. The first couple of interactions with a villager on daily is going to be the very same things, especially during the"narrative" bit of the match where you do the very same things every day just like chop wood.

Once the story is finished and the match moves into maintenance mode (like every AC game does), it's perfectly enjoyable.

I got the game in May, I have built up around 230hrs onto it and I'm still enjoying it.

I'm still developing my island too. I haven't got a set idea of what I wish to achieve with it, but as I run around sometimes I will pick up an item that inspires a fresh idea for an cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items empty space or I will see something in IRL that has the same impact.