If you, like many people, consider your bathroom vanity the centerpiece of your entire bathroom, the Basin plastic faucet using for bathroom that adorns your vanity should be chosen with equal care. Plus, if you're just making a simple upgrade and replacing your existing faucet, adding unique and stylish pieces can bring a tired vanity back to life. As with all things, there are some important parts to consider before you buy. We've outlined them here for you!

  Style: This one should be effortless. If your style is always contemporary, choose a simple, stylish faucet that matches your existing modern finish. If you lean towards a more traditional theme, go for something with curves and gorgeous details.

  Configuration: For most remodelers, this choice has already been made for them. Many vanities come with pre-drilled holes for a specific configuration, either single or 3 holes with 4 or 8-inch extensions. For those who make their own tops, this should be considered.

  Widely Used Faucets: These are used for 3-hole spreads, ranging from 6" to 16", which is the distance between the hot and cold handles. These will have separate hot and cold water controls and will not be connected to the spout piece at all.

  Center Set Faucets: These are like universal miniature versions. They will have separate controls for hot and cold water but only offer a 4" extension. Also, hot and cold handles will be attached to the spout.

  Single Hole Faucets: These faucets have a mixing lever to control hot and cold water. They are commonly used as container sink faucets, but can also be used with any type of sink that drills holes for single-hole faucets.

  Wall Mounted Faucets: As the name suggests, these faucets are installed on the wall behind or next to the sink. If you choose this item, you need to make sure the spout is long enough to provide proper clearance for the sink.

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