"Reason #2  WoTLK Classic Gold that at the moment I have few positive things opinion to express regarding World of Warcraft wotlk classic," Preach states. "It is a bit overwhelming that over the last few months, Blizzard has really pushed to see players like myself quit."

Preach goes on to mention problems with balance as well as the recent expansions, and the introduction of new mechanics, like the latest Shards of Domination mechanic, which render the game boring. Although Preach's YouTube channel will continue, he states it will not be playing WoW but he's keeping the possibility open to return in the near future.

For MadSeasonShow the YouTube channel of MadSeasonShow, which began at the end of 2014, his reasons for his channel are somewhat different. His announcement video about his move away from WoW and titled "No King Rulers Forever(Quitting WoW)," has since racked up over 800,000. views. The announcement was made just as reports of the lawsuit filed in the case against Activision Blizzard began to spread all over the internet, even although the two were not connected.

MadSeason had already taken the decision to leave and create the video prior to the lawsuit accusations And while he claims the channel is supporting people who are affected by discrimination and harassment but that's not the main reason he decided to leave the game. MadSeason's channel will be available in the near future, but without any content about WoW.

In contrast, MadSeason cites the ongoing commercialization of WoW Classic and the latest version as well as WoW as well as WoW Classic as his primary motive for leaving. According to him that, with the launch of WoW Token (a method for players to purchase buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold real money in-game gold) and many paid services, such as level boosters and shop-exclusive items such as mounts have affected the game.