The Air Jordan Release Dates will celebrate the opening ceremony of Nike Manila in the Philippines, when a limited edition Air Jordan 4 will be launched. This limited edition will only be sold in 150 pairs. The Nike Manila store brings more than just a store full of excellent products, but now it seems that Air Jordan will release a special edition Air Jordan 4, which is unique and has undergone a brand new transformation. The upper is inspired by the city’s official flag. The upper is made of leather upper, the tongue is made of ostrich leather, and the fender is made of stingray leather. The bright green design contrasts sharply with the black details on the wings, lacing system, heel and Air cushion, while the sail-style midsole is located below. The yellow Manila label matches the trapeze brand on the tongue and heel.

The iconic Nike Kobe 6 Protro Grinch has just been revealed and will be released as a Protro early next year. Recently we have seen Nike spend some time in the Kobe footwear collection. With the unfortunate death of the NBA legend earlier this year, each color scheme released is more special than Protro. It seems that Nike will dig deeper into the field of vaulting next year, and this year is full of exciting releases. . This version may be one of the most representative colors in Kobe's huge lineup. This sneaker was originally released in 2010 and is called "Grinch". This sneaker is released during the holidays, with a full green upper, red laces and black Nike Swoosh logo. Although bright and weird, I hope these will disappear soon, because they are one of Kobe's favorites.

Air Jordan 4 "Taupe Haze" will be released in early 2021. The product will use tearing technology to expose another color below. The Air Jordan 4 Retro Guava Ice setting will be released in the spring of 2021, and Air Jordan 4 will receive an updated theme. Although the tear-off design has always been touted, it seems that the Jordan brand will pick up the hype and join their AJ4 next year. This sneaker uses the official color scheme of taupe, oil gray, off-white and infrared 23, and integrates Travis's Mocha atmosphere throughout the process, although there is no cooperation. Although no leaked pictures have surfaced, the sneakers will host a taupe mist upper, which is a customized tearing technique that allows your creative side to pop out. Oily gray accents are then added, while black accents contrast well with the design. Infrared 23 was subsequently used for insoles, and the off-white and black midsole completed the new design.