There are several ways to buy cryptocurrency. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cryptocurrency exchangers There are a lot of exchange services working with cryptocurrencies. Their essence is no different from fiat-oriented exchangers - the user selects the direction of the exchange, enters the details and confirms the operation. The well-known Exchangesumo service will help you choose the exchanger at the most favorable rates and commissions. Its advantage is also that verified resources get there, so the risk of stumbling upon scammers is minimal.

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can create an account and sell or buy digital money. Many sites work with fiat, and also provide additional functionality - platforms for IEO sales, numerous charts and trading tools, passive income, etc. Almost all exchanges require verification of the identity of users who want to operate every day with large amounts. For small amounts, verification is often not required. Popular services in this niche: Binance, Bybit, OKX,, Huobi, MEXC, Exmo, Kucoin

Crypto wallet Many wallets, in addition to the storage function, provide the ability to exchange currencies. It is quite fast and convenient, you do not need to register separately on other resources. However, the rate here is often overpriced. The most common crypto wallets are Matbi, Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet

P2P platforms The peculiarity of these platforms is that here people directly trade with people. Someone puts out announcements about the purchase / sale, others respond to it. OLX is peculiar for crypto-currencies, but here the site acts as a guarantor of the conclusion of the transaction - the money from both sides is blocked until both users confirm the fact of the transfer. The most famous among the sites working on this principle is LocalBitcoins.

Payment systems There are many electronic payment systems on the Internet that allow you to manage fiat, but later some of them also received functionality for working with crypto. So with the help of them you can exchange digital assets very easily and quickly. But keep in mind that the storage of cryptocurrency in the payment system refers to the custodial method, you do not control your keys.

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