According to the leaked report which was still in draft form, they want the security software to break traffic down into three categories, Blacklists – banned websites; Grey lists – suspect apps and keywords; and White list – what they deem is suitable for you. Also integrated into the software will be monitoring abilities.More details here link vpn firefox proxy .They intend to monitor traffic and protocols in real time, and warn and block users that are potentially infringing on copyright protections.

The proposed software, when installed, will inspect a computers configuration, to include any Wifi connections, P2P apps, activation and deactivation of security software, and security profiles. It will send decryption keys and other information back to the Hadopi HQ where it will be stored for a minimum of one year. The plan is to keep the data encrypted when it is stored.

Other technical requirements would be that the software will have a minimal hit to the users resources, and connection; must be easily installed and used; must be open sourced; and must work on all operating systems. One big requirement of the software would be that the data transfer that must inevitably take place must not be able to be intercepted , decrypted, or transferred to third parties.

How’s that for a great big brother move? According to the French law, punishment for infractions will be like this:


  • You will be sent an e-mail telling that you got caught, the letter will also inform you of possible punishments for further infractions.
  •  Another e-mail, and a certified letter telling you of your danger.
  • A summons to court, where if found guilty, a 1,500 Euro fine, and/or 30 days of internet access blockage.


The agency has claimed that they have sent out an average of 4,000 first offense e-mails daily. Apparently the agency has already had to submit a few 3rd offense letters and data to the courts on some 60 repeat offenders they have investigated.

The report says that the citizens are accepting this with relative calm, and they are trying to assist online legal services to take the place of the offensive illegal services. In spite of these measures, it has been reported that a poll showed that a minimal 40% of people aged 15 to 24 will cease their downloading activities.