Why would they've Freeplay with pursuit =18, world size= large and right next to RuneScape gold it with pursuit =160+, even though its ,correct me if im wrong, 165? Putting that additional 5 wont make it seem cool so they place 160+ which makes you believe its like 200. And with this alongside freeplay makes f2p look wimpy therefore that the player will probably be like"Woa I want a bigger map and much more exploration, let me get associates" and also the price in the base"from 5.95 a month" I forgot entire size=epic... No remark.

I know this is sort of a matter but the new hp upgrade? Maybe they are trying to acquire respect of WoW. By getting more hp and greater hits. Making it look cooler when you hit. Trying to acquire more players, aventually gaining some money by a few of those people to associates additionally rsc.

I logged in when it was the 2009 2 week period and now I said,"let me get on rsc and own some nubs in wild" NOPE I want members. I thought about it and it makes sence that its members since its essentially a members game. But then again why would it function associates? Theres over 150,000 people play it, the majority of them are associates, why fee for rsc? Okay im just going to stop today you get the idea.

Well, bonus xp weekend is coming up, and I really desire range levels. I'm a f2p pker who has members for Old School RS Gold training sakes only, therefore I don't require herb, etc.. I also have 50 rc, so that I do not need anymore, as maximum f2p rc money is GOP anyways. The sole membs skill I am willing to train is slayer, so I was comtemplating that...