Dry-type transformers are one type of transformers, but many friends do not know much about dry-type transformers. In order to improve everyone's understanding of dry-type transformers, this article will introduce the classification of dry-type transformers, the performance characteristics of dry-type transformers, and the application fields of dry-type transformers.

  Dry-type transformers rely on air convection for cooling and are generally used for local lighting and electronic circuits. Dry-type transformers are widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, terminal CNC machinery, equipment, etc. Simply speaking, dry-type transformers refer to transformers whose iron cores and windings are not immersed in insulating oil. Cooling methods are divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). Under natural air cooling, the transformer can run continuously for a long time under the rated capacity. When forced air cooling, the output capacity of the transformer can be increased by 50%. It is suitable for intermittent overload operation or emergency accident overload operation; due to the large increase in load loss and impedance voltage during overload, it is in a non-economic operation state, so it should not be in continuous overload operation for a long time.

  Dry-type transformers are transformers whose cores and windings are not immersed in an insulating liquid. They are used in general public distribution networks or industrial power grids. They can be divided into the following three categories:

  (1) Totally enclosed dry-type transformer: a transformer that is placed in a pressure-free sealed casing and cooled by internal air circulation.

  (2) Closed dry-type transformer: a transformer that is placed in a ventilated casing and cooled by external air circulation.

  (3) Non-enclosed dry-type transformers: transformers without protective casing, cooled by natural air circulation or forced air circulation.

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