Yu Sheng completely silly, a long time later laughed out, Ye Shuwei this is how, extremely rare to open an emotional topic? Don't be so scary at night, okay? It's not suitable for them to talk about this at all. Every minute is the rhythm of silence. That doesn't sound like something you'd say to me. What's going on? You want to talk about women with a hungry me at this point in time? Yu Sheng replied jokingly. I'm just giving you a piece of advice. If you like it, say it. If you don't mean anything else, don't show your concern outside of work and show your so-called gentleman charm in a boring way. The blue light of the computer screen covered Yu Sheng's white and clean face. The smile on his lips faded a little bit. There was a momentary pause in his thoughts. When he realized what he meant, he hit back rudely: "Are you standing in the position of Bei Er's boyfriend and giving me friendly advice?" "It doesn't need to be that complicated. I'm teaching you as your elder." “……” Ye Shuwei, one year older, exercised his uncle's right for the first time for the sake of his friend. Yu Sheng loosened his cell phone, threw it aside, chuckled, took the lighter on the side of the ashtray, and turned around to play. At this moment, the aftereffects of workaholism swept over him, and he felt tired, confused, empty, and even sick to his stomach. He closed his eyes and tried to think quietly. He boasted that he was a leader with a clear distinction between public and private affairs, but in the treatment of Tang Li, it was obvious that some people were not clear about public and private affairs. Even Ye Shuwei,Steel investment casting, who was not involved in the world, said that he had no face to continue to evade this question, especially when he learned that Tang Li had a car accident, he had a vague answer in his heart. But he's really not ready for a relationship, especially an office relationship, which is not a wise choice and will hurt each other. Emotion is simple, but it is very difficult to maintain a relationship. He Yu Sheng is not Ye Shuwei, in the emotional only recognize their own feelings,die casting parts, he is more meticulous and thoughtful than Ye Shuwei, but not as neat and decisive as Ye Shuwei. Soon, I heard a gentle knock at the door. General Manager Yu? Everyone is waiting for you to have supper. Through a door, Tang Li's voice was as soft as ever, like a feather brushing his tired cranial nerves. He went to open the door and nodded. "Okay, let's go." Are you going to have a barbecue? If so, would you like to go to the one we went to alone last time? That one tastes good. Tang Li suggested. No, it's better to eat something light. Yu Sheng thought about it, "take everyone to taste porridge." Tang Li said, "Well," thinking that General Manager Yu was not made of iron, and that he would be tired if he slept only four hours for three consecutive days. The night is as cool as water. This night, some people have a sweet dream, some people can not sleep all night, until the first sunshine rises on the horizon, car radiator cap ,car radiator cap, many things have been different from last night. Bei Er received a phone call from Tang Li when she was having breakfast, and she said a result directly. Ear, I was rejected by General Manager Yu. Bei Er is stupefied, ask in reply: "Did you confess?" "There was no confession. He took the initiative to hint. No, he made it clear to me." "What do you mean?" "Last night, after supper, he drove me back with him. We sat on the park bench opposite the apartment and chatted for a while. He affirmed my work achievements, praised my work attitude, and proposed a lot of work benefits. After going around and around, he told me that he had no plans to fall in love for the time being. He also said that office romance was too hard for me and hoped that I could take it easy." "Is that a refusal?" Belle confirmed. Tang Li smiled bitterly: "Well, you know, he is a gentleman, will not be very cruel to refuse others, saying that seven points is enough." "But I don't think he's uninterested in you. He came to ask me about you on the day of the video." "That doesn't mean anything. Our company culture is open-minded, free and shared. There is no clear hierarchy between superiors and subordinates. It's normal for leaders to care about the private lives of their subordinates, let alone his." "But he also helped you rent a house opposite himself. What does that mean?" "There is no special meaning, probably I mentioned a request for rental housing before, he thought it was just in line with the conditions of his residential area, and conveniently helped.". "Tang Li said," I think too much about everything. " "So.." Bei's ears dare not sum up easily. Once again, I succeeded in secret love, but failed in open love. "Are you okay?" "Well, it's not the end of the world for me. I just want to find someone to talk about it." "Well, you say, and I'll listen." Bei Er and Tang Li chatted for a long time and ended the conversation. Her mood was also affected. The fact that Tang Li was lovelorn made her feel the same way. A gray cloud hung over her head. The last thing Tang Li said on the phone was that, fortunately, she didn't express her love. Now she can continue to stay in the company as if nothing had happened. At least she didn't lose her job. In the future, when Yu Sheng is a superior, she won't have any wrong ideas. Unrequited love is like this, often the process is more exciting than the result. As it happens, the person you have a crush on also likes you, which is a wonderful coincidence, but the probability is very low. A week later, the short promotional film of "The Most Exciting Thing" was released on the Internet, with a hit rate of more than 100,000 on the first day. When Bei's ears were finished, the whole person's body temperature rose by four or five degrees. I didn't feel so sensational when I was shooting, but after being edited into five and a half minutes of the essence of the film, the scenes presented were easy to enter-all of them were the feeling of passionate love. Whether it's the sun, the laziness of sitting on the lawn, the freedom of riding a car together, or the daily intimacy in front of the cabin, their height difference of 30 centimeters is the eternal focus, so the last scene is that they stand face to face, one tall and one short, she looks at him barefoot for a while, and then suddenly throws herself into his arms mischievously, and he encircles her body with one hand. She raised her head,die cast light housing, and his eyes fell into her eyes with the sunshine. At that moment, he seemed to be the master of her whole world. The caption on the screen emerged: "What we pursue is not a momentary heartbeat, but the greatest possible time together in our lifetime.". autoparts-dx.com