However, it is not excluded that GM, who likes to watch the fun, is holding hot tea in his office at this time, laughing and watching the fun. [World] The bear breaks the stick: The breeze is not clear, the breeze is not clear, isn't it? [World] The bear breaks the stick: The breeze is not clear, I see you are online, why do you ignore me? [World] Breeze is not clear: I do not know, I am silent is golden. [World] The breeze is not clear: You try to get down the warm wind is not cold, he sometimes on her LP number. [World] The bear breaks the stick:.. [World] Flower Woman: What's the matter with Qingfeng? Who are you? [World] Bear breaks a stick: Guess? [World] Playgirl: I don't know … [World] Bear breaks the stick: I am warm and not cold [World] Playgirl: Wow, wife ~! Pow! [World] Flower woman: Kiss, I am not clear, Uh-huh. [World] Huahua Woman: She is helping Huahua and other teams to play BOSS. She has something to do and can't get on the line at the moment. [World] The warm wind is not cold: Jiong,metal stamping parts, I have a feeling that I have been kissed by Huahua. [World] Warm wind is not cold: Cough, warm wind, don't use my number to flirt!!! People all over the world are recognizing relatives and playing a game called "Guess Who I Am". Time travel is more loving than fine points, isn't it? Is it? Don't you? The author has something to say: catch a worm. I don't know if the children's shoes that have been thrown into chaos will haggle with Lazy. Mo, I didn't mean to let them in so randomly. Only He just went through it in a mess. Ahem,metal stamping parts, continue my teaching.. · Empty number: An unused number that has been abandoned. For example, she stopped playing games and did not delete the number, so her number was offline for a long time and no one took care of it and became an empty number. · M/Private M/Single M: M = massage, message. Sending a message in private is called private M. Others are different expressions with the same meaning. Sometimes it is repeated to strengthen and lengthened to attract the eye. For example: Hurry up MMMMMMMMMMMM me! I can only see the rise but not the rise. Is this the inevitable law of history? ~ Group? Bubble up the comments of the pro ~ Thank you for your support ~ In addition, thank you for a few pro catch worms ~ Guest will be a little bit added to the text inside. Don't worry, don't worry.. Those who come out early usually leave early. By the way, throw a kiss to the invisible void, and give it to those who only collect and leave no comments. As for the collection, it didn't hit the light spot. I don't know if it exists or not. Blow another kiss ~ Look, Lazy never favors one over the other ^-^ So we also show that we are too partial to each male partner and male protagonist. Each has its own bright spot, deep draw stamping ,Stainless steel foundry, and we have to pull it out to grab the show, so that we can know who will be the winner. It's not easy to write so many chapters and finally let the shallow students start to cross life formally. Cover your face. Dear friends, don't guess who is the essence of who. Our collective split, so much more wonderful ~ wow ~ By the way, the next update, if there is no accident, will be before next Wednesday night. Level training to do the task There is love through. But the game can't just go back and forth. Gu Qianyan's time travel career lasted only three days crazily. On the fourth day, she quickly got her original number back and divided it up. Because she saw that in the world, righteous words were on the line. [World] Righteous words: It's so lively. Are you smiling? She remembered that when everyone was talking about it, the time spent chatting with her with righteous words suddenly became longer than usual, and the tone was particularly patient. Although she always felt that time passed too fast and was not enough. She felt that Righteous Words would be happy to know that she was now reintegrated into the game by virtue of all her connections. But, inexplicably, she just doesn't want to let righteous words know that she has been re-accepted by most of the players in this game, and now she is playing like a fish jumping down the water. [Private Chat] Righteous words: Hi! [Private Chat] Smiling: Well, are you back from a business trip? [Private Chat] Righteous words: No, just rest time, surf the Internet ~ [Private Chat] Smile: Your first place in the district is gone. [Private Chat] Smiling: Wen Bucheng finally caught up with you last night. [Private Chat] Righteous words: Oh. [Private Chat] Smiling: But Wen Bucheng is not the first. [Private Chat] Righteous words:? [Private Chat] Smile: Last night, the guardian of the Black Wing Demon bought dozens of experience scrolls and ate them all. [Private Chat] Smiling: Haha, it's just one level higher than Wen Bucheng. [Private Chat] Righteous words:.. Not to mention them, why has your rank remained motionless for so long? [Private Chat] Smile: One. One [Private Chat] Righteous words: Lazy girl, you are lazy! Alas. [Private Chat] Righteous words: Why don't I send you more than a dozen experience scrolls to eat? Gu Qianyan is very entangled. Righteous words are not the first to ask, nor are they the first to tempt her with a large scroll of experience that can only be bought for RMB. The last person who said that was Wen Bufa. After Wenbu deceives Gu Qianyan's feelings with light blue, he tries to make up for it with experience scrolls almost ingratiatingly, which makes Gu Qianyan feel uncomfortable and alienates him even more after refusing. But Righteous words are different. But It seems to be the same again. [Private Chat] Smiling: No, that's not interesting. It's more interesting for me to upgrade slowly. She pursed her lips and smiled, and Gu Qianyan chose the same answer as when she had failed to face Wen. One of the friends she once knew in this online game once told her that for girls, the fun of online games lies in knowing a lot of handsome men, letting the great God take him to upgrade, letting the great God help him PK, and letting the Great God give him equipment and game currency.. Indeed, if the ugly duckling girl, who has been neglected in reality, is eloquent and good at acting like a spoiled child on the Internet,Investment casting parts, she can easily get the chance to enjoy the feeling of being sought after by boys. It's not impossible to satisfy vanity. Just one thing, everyone has his own ambition, Gu Qianyan does not like this.