I almost spit out the shrimps I ate. Look at the ice flame. I dare to say that people are interested in him! Bingyan, with a good look on his face, continued to peel the shrimp gracefully, and my bowl was already sharp. Biting my chopsticks, I was about to speak when I suddenly heard my name. Li Luoqiao, Yan Ran Jiao, Ni Shang Mei, Huan Qi Yao, the four most famous beauties in the world, Xuanhuo Palace has already occupied one, Pei Bingyan also rare what. I'm completely upset. The ice flame also stopped the movement in his hand. The blessing of the people of Qi, if I give you all four, would you think it's too much? Over the years, the Master of Xuanhuo Palace has rarely appeared in Jianghu. I'm afraid he has already sunk in the gentle village. Ha ha ha.. A crowd of people burst into laughter. Bing Yan looked at the Phantom, who was about to get up, but was held down by Leng Qingyang: "I'll go." Can the gentle Leng Qingyang fight? I looked out through the gaps in the fan blades of the screen. There was no imaginary scene of chickens flying and eggs beating. Leng Qingyang just walked over and pointed to the chopstick tube on the table: "Can you borrow it?" The leading man in yellow looked at him suspiciously, but he ignored it. He reached for it directly and said with a smile, "We knocked over the one on the table. There are more here." As soon as his hand touched the chopstick tube, a dagger flew out of the slanting thorn, cold and silent, and the dagger grazed his wrist and plunged into a plate of roast whole sheep. The man in yellow cut a piece of mutton into his mouth and nodded, "Take it." Leng Yang came back and sat down. Nothing happened. A few minutes later, a strange sound sounded. I looked out again, and the men looked terrible, clutching their necks in pain and unable to breathe. Bing Yan turned my head with his hand: "Don't look, eat." "What happened to them?" "Medical Poison Family.". I drugged them. If they are lucky enough to wake up and find a good doctor, they can still speak in a few months, otherwise, they will not be able to speak again. Lonely Yang seems to be talking about the weather. Twenty Tianchi "Pears fall." "What for?" I leaned over the window of the carriage and looked lazily at the ice flame. After I came out of Ruixiang Pavilion, I was in a terrible mood. What is the relationship between ice flame and neon clothes? Everyone's face is clearly written, but they are still covered up one by one. Hongfeng had been in the same car with us all the way. After dinner, she did not hesitate to get into another car. It was estimated that she was killed by my resentment. Who are you angry with? I sighed: "You don't pretend, or all confessed." "What is it?" "How long has Nishang been with you?" She has been with me for many years. What's the matter? I didn't expect him to be so Frank, and his tone was very natural. Leng Leng, unconsciously a little discouraged. I've seen Nishang, too. It is impossible for any man not to be tempted by such a wonderful woman every day. I'm just asking for a blow. Nothing.. I put up with it again and again, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet crates, but I still didn't give up and said, "Where are you?" Quiet Still quiet. I don't want to look at him. I want the answer! "What are the steps?" He asked with a straight face. I almost vomited blood, so I just gave up on myself and rushed over with bared teeth and claws. Bing Yan grabbed my hand and said with a smile, "What do you have in your head all day?"? If you want to know my relationship with Nishang, believe what you see. What I saw? I saw them together on the beam of the Liujing Courtyard, and the neon clothes were obviously interested in the ice flame. But the ice flame is really not like her. Looking up at the thick purple eyes of the ice flame smile, I paused word by word: "You didn't lie to me?" "I would never lie to you." I smiled and went up to kiss him on the cheek. Then why does Nishang know me? He stiffened for a moment. "Can you change the question?" "Yes, where did we first meet?" He smiled gently, and finally no longer silent: "Luoer, you want to know, I will tell you all, but not now, believe me?"? Also, you have to remember, any time, any place, you just need to look at me and come to me. Nothing else matters. It was night when we arrived at Tianshan Mountain. The bright moon reflects the white snow, and the vast sea of clouds. The snow mountain under the deep blue sky has been standing for thousands of years, and the wind is like a murmur. Bing Yan took a cloak and tied it for me. She said to Hong Feng, "Let Lian Chen come here." Hongfeng took out a small stick from the car, lit it, and several red marbles rushed out, burst in the sky and shone in all directions. In less than half a stick of incense, a man came to us. Master, your subordinates have been waiting here for a long time. I looked at the speaker in surprise. Curl slender waist, Yingying eyes. Nishang. Bing Yan looked at her. "Why are you here?" "My subordinates have finished all their work and have come to meet the master of the palace." Nishang's eyes did not move from the ice flame. The ice flame did not speak, but nodded. One step too late, please forgive me. A familiar voice sounded, enchanting golden vine. Lianchen stepped forward and said, "The person the palace is mainly looking for is now at the Tianchi Fengling Temple.". The subordinates went with the master of the palace. "No need." Bing Yan smiled back and put his hand around my waist. "Li Luo, let's go." My whole body was lifted up in the air, my toes brushed the top of the forest, and the gauze folded my clothes. For a moment, it was like flying. Looking up, I saw the beautiful and perfect face of the ice flame, emitting a faint soft light under the stars and the moon, and the long hair of the wind was as black as jade. Everything drifts away, and Jiuhua drags the earth. He's the only one left in the world. We stopped in front of a stone arch, with a long stone step in the middle,ibc spill containment pallet, and the glass lamps on both sides were bright and dark. Bing Yan pinched my hand. "How do you want to get in?" "Huh?" I won't feel sorry. If you go straight in, it will take some time to find someone. The normal way. Bing Yan pointed to the front: "Then follow her." A girl came out of the mist and stopped in front of us. "Who are you two visitors?" "Feng Ling Huan Qi." "May I ask your excellency?" "Xuanhuo Palace, Ice Flame." 。 binpallet.com