He thought the worst of it. Mafila would not come to school. From then on, she disappeared from his sight. In that case, he would take a leave of absence to go home and get to the bottom of the matter. Another possibility is that after Mafila's death, something bigger happened, such as suicide or running away, and his heart sank again. In the evening, he went to the post office and called home. It was his father who answered the phone. His father was surprised to hear his voice. Father said, What's the matter with you? He said: "Nothing, just tell my family that I have gone back to school, everything is fine here.". The father said, "Well, just write a letter.". Finally he said, "Is everything all right at home?"? He was surprised by his tone. Before writing letters, he did not greet his parents like this. First, his parents did not adapt to it. More importantly, his parents were healthy and worked smoothly. What was wrong with that. Father says again: "Hum, very good, your boy is not to produce what thing?"? "No, no," he said. Then he put down the phone. The purpose of his call was to inquire about Mafila's news from home. If something really happened to Mafila,Time Delay Tap, the whole courtyard would not be unaware of it. Of course, his father would also know. When he called, his father might tell him. He listened to his father's voice, which was as usual as usual, and he thought that perhaps nothing had happened to Mafila. After three more days of trepidation, he finally saw Mafila. It was after breakfast that he marched to the classroom. The cadets of the communication team came face to face. He saw Mafila in the familiar queue of the communication team. Mafila's face was pale and dull. She looked ahead and seemed to see nothing. She followed the procession in front of her eyes. At that moment, he almost shouted. That morning's class, he did not listen to a word,Manual Flush Valve, only remember the military command instructor wrote a line of words on the black board: the art of command. Then his mind was in a state of confusion, and he was both excited and sad, and he had an indescribable feeling in his heart. It seemed that Mafila had come, and then he would face her. What would she say when she saw him? What is their relationship? ? How will they continue? ? He doesn't know I don't know, everything is in a muddle. In the evening, he finally found a chance to be alone with Mafila. He walked from the canteen to the dormitory. Mafila came face to face with his head down. He stood there, waiting for Mafila to approach. Mafila saw him, as if he had seen a snake across the road, and turned to go around a fork in the road beside him. He stood there and opened his mouth to stop her. He didn't understand why she had such an attitude towards him? He was tongue-tied He stood there not knowing what to do for a moment. At first Mafila walked quickly, and then she ran, just like that night. His attitude toward her was really puzzling. For the next few days he could only look at Mafila from a distance. Mafila had no intention of seeing him. He went to her dormitory to look for her, and the door was opened by a fat and white female soldier, who always said, "Mafila is not here.". And looked at him in a weird way. He had searched the classroom and the library, Flush valve price ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, and there was no sign of Mafila at all. He went outside again and found almost every corner of the campus. In the end, he did not find the shadow of Mafila. About half a month later, he finally had a chance to meet Mafila alone. Time is after morning exercises, Ma Feila carrying a kettle to the dormitory, he quickly catch up, in front of Ma Feila. Mafila had no way to go and stood there, but his eyes did not look at him, but looked away coldly. He said, Mafila, why are you avoiding me? If you have anything, just say it. She said, I don't want to say anything. Get out of the way and let me pass. Class will begin soon. He said, "I will wait for you in the library in the Evening. I have something to say to you.". Before he had finished speaking, Mafila walked quickly past him. He watched helplessly as Mafila walked away, and his heart was not a taste of rain and snow. Mafila's attitude towards him was a U-turn. He didn't know what it all meant. In the evening, he came to the library, did not see the figure of Mafeila, until the library closed, still did not see Mafeila. He had a book under his arm. While he was waiting, he opened a book, but he didn't read a word. From time to time, he could see what had happened since he and Mafila came to the military Academy. Finally, he teased out an emotion, that is, abandonment. It seemed that he had no chance to face Mafila. In the queue, in the campus, he could see Mafila's shadow, but whenever he approached her, she always ran away. He was not willing to play such a cat-and-mouse game with Mafila. He wants to find her and find out. On a sunny autumn weekend, he broke into Mafila's dormitory. Coincidentally, Mafila was alone in the dormitory. She was dressed neatly and leaning on the bed. Her face was better than before, but she was still a little pale. Mafera saw him and turned and ran his face against the wall. He stood beside her bed, looked at the back of her head and said, "Mafila, tell me today what's wrong with you."? She did not speak, and he saw her shoulders jerking and jerking. And he said, Mafila, why are you doing this to me? She finally spoke and said in a choking voice, "Qiao Nianchao, do I have to say that?"? Why do you keep pestering me? The old Mafila is dead. When he listened to her, his blood froze, and he understood that all this had something to do with the events of that night. He did not know what to say for a moment and stood there in a daze. She also said: "Qiao Nianchao, you do not know me, I used to like you, but now I do not deserve,Flushometer valve, there are so many girls, you go to like them.". Qiao Nianchao understood everything at that moment. He stood there for only a few minutes, but it seemed as long as a century. He understood Mafila's reasons and thoughts for avoiding him. She was miserable and desperate. cnkexin.com