Wen Yi turned over and clapped his hands. Gongsun Lan flashed by. Wen Yi didn't give up. He jumped out of bed and waved three hands. Gongsun Lan left and right, and when he got to the third hand, he saw that she was bullying people too much. Wen Yi was so weak that she tried to block him and fell to the ground. A loud laugh outside the room: "Two girls, what are you playing?" As soon as Gongsun Lan heard the voice, he looked up in fear, but saw a short, fat, and bloated figure, like an arrow shooting in. Wen Yi had no time to resist, so he touched the acupoint and held Gongsun Lan under his arm. "Put her down," he shouted. The visitor is one of the five wonders, "Xihua Lang Jun" Li oil tank. Li laughed and said, "I caught your rival in love for you, but you don't appreciate me." "You don't have a rival," said Gongsun Lan. "Put her down." "Why hide it from me?" Li said. "I heard it clearly outside the door. This tomboy wants to rob your husband. Only I can help you." Wen Yi Wen Yan couldn't move, but he asked loudly: "Who is her husband?" Li looked at her beautiful face, and her heart itched: Who cares who he is? If you want a husband, you don't have to argue with her. Although you are old, you are better than that boy. Why don't you follow me? Wen Yi heard the word "husband", like ten thousand arrows piercing the heart, ignoring the obscene meaning of Li's words, loudly asked GongSunLan way: "Ruan Wei is married to you!" "Don't listen to that fat ghost," said Gongsun Lan shyly. "Has the girl ever had a husband?" "I've heard that boy say he wants to marry you,tannic acid astringent," said Li. "He's not your husband. Whose husband is he?" When he saw that Wen Yisheng had got this beautiful Gongsun Lan, he only hoped to get Wen Yi. Instead, he helped Gongsun Lan to speak and wanted Wen Yi to give up on Ruan Wei. Wen Yi turned pale and said in a trembling voice, "Is that true?"? He He Once said to marry. Li laughed and said, "I swear to God that I won't lie to you. The boy is interested in her. If he follows me, he will be loyal to you." GongSunLan loudly soliloquize: "The man who cherishes flowers, Li Juncan, is a flower picker in Jianghu. All women should be careful of this man!" "There's no need for you to remind her,pumpkin seed extract," said Li. "Even if she has to be careful, it's no use. A woman in the hands of a man who cherishes flowers is like a lamb to be slaughtered. Who dares to save her?" GongSunLan cold way: "Elder Long is on this peak. If you don't put her down, you will suffer a lot later." Li laughed and said, "Is that old bald thief?"? Just see him down the peak and go, dare to come up, I think he will not be on the bee for a moment! "Evil thief," said Gongsun Lan angrily! Pump Niang told you to put her down! Li said sarcastically: "With the kung fu of a three-legged cat, you don't deserve to command the man who cherishes flowers!" With that, he twisted his waist and flashed out from Gongsun Lan's side. Gongsun Lan was on guard this time, so he was allowed to escape from the room and clapped out the "Twelve Buddha Palms." The Twelve Buddha Palms are mysterious and mysterious. Although it is an easy palm, Li was so frightened that he took three steps back and did not dare to confront the enemy head-on. When he put down Wen Yi, his body turned, and his palms flew out, and he quickly patted Gongsun Lan. Gongsun Lan had already had a plan in mind, and when he came near, it was another "Twelve Buddha Palms". Li thought that she could no longer break into the shadow of her own palm, turmeric extract powder ,jujube seed powder, but as soon as her eyes were blurred, Gongsun Lan's slender palm reached the front of her face, but she heard a "bang" and was slapped. Li oil tank body suddenly turned three somersaults in the air, escape GongSunLan palm range, in fact GongSunLan can only hit him a palm, the second palm attack if he deliberately deal with, will not be hit by GongSunlan. But he was frightened by the strange palm and lost his composure against the enemy. GongSunLan see he dare not attack, let open the door, anger track: "Get out alone!" Li oil tank quickly picked up WenYi, GongSunLan great anger way: "Put her down and the girl tells you to get out alone!" Li oil tank Yin laughed. "It's not difficult to put her down. You give me the translated Sutra of Xana, which records the supreme martial arts, and I'll let her go right away.". ” GongSunLan doubt, but pretend not to know, saying: "What Xanar translation?"? The girl has never heard of it! Li oil tank laughed. "I've been searching on this mountain peak for nearly half a month. I don't believe you haven't seen the bodies of thirteen people, including Xana, in the ancient cave. Do you still not know Xana's translation?" "He's afraid of the Dragon Monk," said Gongsun Lan. "Although he searched the ancient cave, he didn't dare to search inside the Golden Temple. Today is the first time he's entered." But she did not know where Xana's translation was, so she had to say with a straight face: "Believe it or not, the girl has never seen Xana's translation!" Li oil tank "hum" track: "Just don't believe you haven't seen the translation of the scriptures, but you can practice that strange palm method!" GongSunLan harsh voice way: If you say you haven't seen it, you haven't seen it! The evil thief put her down quickly, and the Dragon Monk will come back soon! Li oil tank a listen to the heart big panic, he had been the dragon monk's martial arts that day, heard the legend of the golden temple in Tibet, find here, although found the peak but dare not close to the golden temple one step, very not easy to wait until the dragon monk suddenly down the peak, only to steal here, is about to search, found GongSunLan DuanPan walked into WenYi room, he likes sex, followed and entered, and so on to see WenYi more beautiful than GongSunLan, Forgot the time and search, at this time GongSunLan said, he did not know when the dragon monk came up, nervously holding WenYi, loudly way: "You write me the posture of the palm formula against the enemy just now, and then let her go!" Wen Yi was forced by him and groaned in pain. Gongsun Lan was so softhearted that she could not bear to see Wenyi, who was as beautiful as a flower, suffer. "Put her down," she said with pity. "Don't hurt her." "Do you promise to write it down for me?" Asked Li. WenYi suddenly loudly way: "Don't write to this evil thief. Xiaosheng doesn't appreciate it!" "What did you say?" Li said angrily. Said the arm a hard, but see Wen Yi immediately pale, sweat grains ooze, Wen Yi gritted his teeth to hold back, not a word. Although Gongsun Lan had the intention to save her, he did not dare to tell Li about the twelve Buddha palms. When he saw Wen Yi saying that he was ungrateful, he kept silent. Oil tank Li looked coldly at GongSunLan, see her indifferent,saw palmetto extract, suddenly an idea hit the brain, Yin smiled repeatedly put down WenYi. GongSunLan didn't know what he was going to do, so he had to stand in front of the door to prevent him from taking WenYi away. Li oil tank ruthless track:. prius-biotech.com