Two years of marriage life, let the delicate girl into a happy and charming little woman, starry night is happy, she has a loving husband, open-minded parents-in-law, and a can be said to be a doting grandfather, although Lin Yan in the army, she also wants to travel between Tianyun and the provincial capital, but this is not the resistance of a happy life, people do not say that absence makes the heart grow fonder? This is the reflection of their life. Starry night at this time sitting on the sofa, watching Lin Yan with an apron busy in the kitchen, hoping that the food he cooked will not be too bad. Wife, you eat fruit, that. The chicken soup needs to be stewed for a while. If you are hungry, have some snacks. Lin Yan came over with a big plate of fruit and put it on the tea table full of snacks. I'd better go to cook, you. The starry night got up to go to the kitchen. No, no, I'll do it. The Internet says the first three or four months are dangerous. You'd better rest. Lin Yan nervously pressed the starry night back on the sofa, "I read a lot on the Internet yesterday, you can rest at ease, don't work hard, don't worry about the company's housework, nutrition should keep up with, can't wear high-heeled shoes and tight clothes, and keep the mood.." Starry night dumbfounding listening to Lin Yan's experience report, since she fainted from the annual meeting of starlight,lycopene for skin, found out that she was pregnant, was heard to go to Lin Yan heavily escorted back to Tianyun, and Tianyun has a large number of people waiting in their own home. Whether to have a child or not has always been a tangled problem. Now I accidentally found out that I was pregnant, but it was only after I fainted that I was diagnosed by the doctor. The news made the elders happy and anxious. I don't know if all the children are healthy. After coming back, after confirming that the starry night and the baby in the abdomen are all right, a new round of bombing began, scolding the starry night is not responsible, he did not know that he was pregnant, almost had an accident, but considering that the star night is pregnant,akba boswellic acid, can not be sad and angry, all the elders are willing to point the finger at Lin Yan. Lin Yan has been dizzy since he knew that the starry night was pregnant. He used to insist that he would have a child later. In fact, it's not that he doesn't like children, but that he's afraid that the starry night is young and has scruples. Now he doesn't seem to be disgusted with the stary night. He's happy in his heart. The children of the bright night family are lovely. Now he has to have them himself. He doesn't have to envy his children any more. So in the face of the criticism of his elders, Lin Yan accepted it modestly in a daze, and his attitude made the elders feel embarrassed to scold again. But there was a difference of opinion. Lin Yan's mother was still working and offered to let Starry Night go home with her so that she could take care of her nearby. Starry Night's grandmother also said that she would take Starry Night home to live and stew some supplements to nourish her. The nutrition during pregnancy could not be sloppy. Starry night but do not want to go anywhere, she is healthy, years of boxing habits, so that her body is very good, this fainting is really just an accident, she does not want to let the old ladies circle her, every day is to eat and sleep, the next half a year to spend more time to raise the fetus, and they still have work to do! Lin Yan is also worried about the safety of the starry night, but more can not see his wife, see the starry night is not willing to, make a promise to say can take good care of the stary night, starry night oneself also guarantee will be at ease to raise the fetus, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,fenugreek saponins, good to say bad to say to give up the idea of Lin Yan's mother. Next is to tell the importance of pregnant women, what diet, exercise, taboo and other experience, starry night feel that the old ladies said a bit too much, where there is so delicate, but Lin Yan listened carefully, small book to take notes, the more listen to the more dignified face, encounter do not understand the place must be thoroughly understood. But the old lady's words are some experience, some even some unscientific old customs, there is no correct explanation of the words let Lin Yan feel unreliable, he has become a frequent visitor to the online maternity and infant website, actively learning other people's scientific theory, that earnest, more diligent than the university entrance examination! So the starry night is now the focus of protection, Lin Yan is to catch up with half an expert, do not let the starry night bother, careful care, starry night is also lucky, pregnancy reaction is not big, only a short two weeks in the morning there is a reaction of morning sickness, there is no special do not want to eat anything, but this also scared Lin Yan enough choke, almost made a report to repair leave at home with his wife, He was punished by his father's uncle, and the starry night slowly improved, so he gave up the idea. He just promised that when he was not there, he would call Ann every day to ask if the child had bullied you today. You don't have to be so careful. People who are about to give birth are still working! Moderate exercise is good, "starry night is not willing, as long as Lin Yan at home, he can only sit and eat and watch." Yes, moderate exercise is good for pregnant women. I'll go for a walk with you after dinner. "Lin Yan also has his own understanding." I can't stop moving from now on, can I? The starry night complained that she had just been pregnant for three months, and the days were still long! "Of course, after this month, we can do more activities." Lin Yan himself has set a plan. Starry night curl mouth, know to say also did not say, sniff suddenly say: "What flavour?" "Oh, my soup." Lin Yan jumped up and rushed into the kitchen. Followed by a tinkling sound and Lin Yan's cry, then heard Lin Yan loudly said: "It's all right, I put the lid off the pot, soup is all right, you do not move, I can do it." Starry night do not know whether to laugh or cry, feel that he really should listen to sister-in-law advice, please a nanny back, at the beginning because of their own two people, and often not at home, so did not invite workers to come, now this situation is pointing to Lin Yan to do, where enough for him to toss about. Ding Dong's doorbell rang, Lin Yanfeng general floated out from the kitchen, really see is trained to come, that speed thief, and ran while saying: "Don't move, I go to open the door." It was Aunt May who opened the door and came in,stesweet stevia, carrying an extra-large thermos pot in her hand. She didn't need to ask the starry night to know that it was a tonic soup. Since she was pregnant, the tonic soup had never been broken. She was afraid that she would become a fat man weighing 180 before she gave birth to a child. Aunt May, didn't you say you didn't have to bother? This Tang Linyan has also been boiled. Where can I finish drinking so much? The starry night stood up and took the thermos pot from Aunt May's hand.