1. The iShred vaporizer was discontinued | Learn about a legend


Several vaporizers have been manufactured and have become a public favourite. But there are times when a piece is discontinued regardless of its success.


The Yocan iShred vaporizer is one of the Dry Herb Vaporizers which created a huge market for itself. People who still have this product use it and it works efficiently!


They are so many praises that one cannot mention within a single blog. But we are going to try our best and give the appropriate amount of respect and justice.


This vaporizer is portable and has a very sleek and inviting design. With the black colour finish, one can easily confuse it for a pen in the pocket. With a shiny black finish and matte black tube, it looks classy to use in public as well.


With a clear LCD, it shows the current temperature and buttons using which one can adjust it according to the requirement.


The chamber is made of ceramic which ensures top-quality products. Inside it, there is a grinder. The shredding of substance and vaporizing is done in a single device.


It has an integrated battery section which can be charged with the help of a USB charger. With a controlled temperature range of 200F to 460F, the safety parameter is also maintained.


With the technology of grinding and creating vapors in a single device, iShred has created an impeccable aura. And it’s understandable to see people wanting the device to be continued.  

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