Alright, so OSRS gold that I can not decide what I want for an armor collection. From the time that I buy armor, I will have level 70 in Attack, Power, and Defence, I am also thinking about utilizing controlled with the whip, since I would like to raise all those stats anyhow. A fairly straight forward place, but I can not decide what to use and where?

If you can, I need help deciding which place to use, or you can make up your own using these things or other things that are good but not overly pricey. I am not into PVP in any way, or fighting boss monsters, but this set will be used for training on higher leveled monsters I , also training slayer and used in hard quests which require fighting high level creatures. Thanks.

So I only recently got dragon butterfly and boots eyeglasses, both are fine and im happy together but one thing I realy realy realy realy want are dragon legs! Right now I dont have that kinda money and I had to give up my ring of rock, therefore there is no way im selling my white beret or amulate of glory (t)! So far the only safe way I know of making 1mil is by amassing swamp toads and bringing them back to the lender in gnome village where the magical tree and yew tree are. Also I went to the ge and it said 3200 swamp toads= 1mil and 500k.

Sad since it took me almost two hours to get 300K from swamp toads perhaps that was because the radio was on and I realy was dreaming, so today that legs are down 100k afterward they had been im searching for a way just to make 800k without a killing creatures. No collecting stuff in dangorus area's no barrows bro's because I just have 22 prayer. So its got to be somthing safe somthing were you dont lose your things somthing match for me a lvl 69 cb. So for you to help me are my abilities not all cheap RS gold but anouth for one to recomend me somthing.