After the two-week-long community event the OSRS gold  newly constructed area will be called Het's Oasis is a place for learning and exploration that will feature new skill-related material for those wanting to develop their Agility Hunting, and Farming skills.

"Heroes can also aid the God of Death in two Eye of Het mini-quests as they go into the Tomb of Het seeking a powerful object that can aid the young gods in the Elder God Wars saga," the press release reads.

A new event is scheduled to begin and starts now and runs until Jan. 3, 2022, players will be able acquire a new variant of the iconic "Partyhat" that was an accessory that was initially made available for Christmas events at the time of 2001. It was originally available in red blue, green, yellow and white The RuneScape "The Golden Party Hat Hunt" quest will enable players to get one of the sought-after cosmetics that has a metallic sheen.

As the partyhats were originally only available in limited numbers during a short time period, and then were subsequently removed players lucky enough to own one is able to sell the hats for billions of coins. Even though they are solely decorative and don't offer bonus stats, they are one of the highest priced items on the Grand Exchange, hitting the maximum value of 2.1billion gold in 2015.

To earn their hands heads or the Golden Party Hat, players must complete "various objectives" and earn eight golden shards as a reward for their efforts. Once all eight have been obtained, they can be put together into the Golden Party Hat.

But it's not just the event time-limited, but only one golden hat is created per player. Just like their predecessors from 2001 Jagex claims of the golden caps that "after the cut-off date they will not be ever again available for purchase!"

If the item is able to alter the game's economy, and decreases the value of existing partyhats or transforms into an even more expensive item remains to be seen. Jagex will be marking the buy osrs fire cape  occasion all the same but will be transforming the game's Grand Exchange location into "a Golden Party Hat winter wonderland".