In wild forest areas in many parts of Southeast Asia, people collect rattan in large quantities and regard rattan as a forest product second only to wood. Rattan provides a stable income for people in Southeast Asian forest areas and has a pivotal social status. Rattan is not only made into rattan furniture but also plays a role in other aspects.

  Recreation Forest:

  Rattan is a thorny palm climbing plant that grows in tropical forests. Rattan is beneficial to the entire ecosystem during its growth. It can adapt to poor soil without disturbing the original ecological structure and balance. It is very important for the recuperation and restoration of forest resources. Rattan has a firm texture, strong toughness, and poor thermal conductivity, which is warm in winter and cool in summer, and is widely used in furniture manufacturing. Rattan products were introduced to Europe as early as the 17th century, and we can still see portraits of nobles sitting on rattan chairs in ancient Roman frescoes.

  Rattan can achieve biodegradation, so the use of rattan is conducive to environmental protection and will not pollute the environment.

  In recent years, the indoor air pollution caused by furniture has become more and more serious, which has caused people to be vigilant enough like the pollution of building materials and home decoration. Choosing furniture made from eco-friendly materials is one of the important elements to ensure a healthy home life.

  The quiet popularity of rattan furniture is closely related to the improvement of indoor environmental protection awareness.

  Rattan furniture combines hand weaving and industrial production and skillfully combines different shapes, patterns, and even fabrics, all of which maintain the original color. Each piece is like a handicraft bestowed by nature, which is a bridge to integrating into nature. Using rattan furniture is like collecting handicrafts, like collecting old grandmother's past events, recalling the pleasant pieces of past life easily, and enjoying, and spending the summer comfortably.

  Create a small nature in the garden:

  At 6 o’clock in the morning, after a walk, when you stop in your own courtyard, sit under the grape trellis that is about to ripen, feel the comfort and coolness brought by the rattan chair under you, and relax with the fragrance of the grapes. Drink a cup of weak tea, forget about another busy day that is about to start, and it is a blessing to enjoy the comfort of home for a few more moments.

  At five o'clock in the afternoon, when you leave the office in a hurry, facing the still-hot sun on your way home, think about your lover who is also on the road, think about the refreshing dinner that will be served on the rattan table in the courtyard, The corners of the mouth and the heart are filled with the taste of honey.

  Under the rattan fence with your loved one, in the small nature of rattan and green leaves, you can enjoy the breeze and the setting sun until the moon is bright at night.

  For most families, the balcony is the epitome of the courtyard. Then set up a rattan lounge chair, put a few pots of foliage plants, or simply throw in a few round woven mats at will, a super small "nature" can also make people relax and comfortable.

  Green bedroom for relaxing sleep:

  In summer, many people suffer from air-conditioning dependence, and they will not adapt to leaving artificial air-conditioning. Long-term use of air conditioners can cause neurasthenia, insomnia, dizziness, and other symptoms, which are not good for health. The ancients said that "the mind is calm and naturally cool", which shows how important it is to create a cool sleeping environment.

  Rattan furniture is highly breathable and refreshing to the touch. The rustic rattan color helps to calm the mind and calm the mind. If you use rattan furniture as much as possible in the bedroom in summer, it will be of great benefit to both heat escape and sleep. An elegant rattan bed, with exquisite rattan bed cabinets, rattan bed lamps, floor lamps, and hanging a rattan curtain create a cool little view.

  Many people have a prejudice against the use of rattan beds, thinking that rattan beds can only be used for one season, because they are bulky, and are not as easy to store as pillows and mats after the season. In fact, rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, and seasonal issues do not need to be considered at all.

  Rattan wardrobes, dressers, and layered barrel cabinets for storing sundries are all suitable for placement in the bedroom. Choose European, Chinese, Chinese-European, or modern styles according to your own preferences. The bedroom will be more comfortable and natural. With style.

  China's furniture industry has experienced the first period of rapid development, focusing on the expansion of quantity, and has initially established a complete industrial system with complete categories and international standards. The products can meet the needs of people and the needs of the international market. In the next 5 to 10 years, under the background of the transfer of the international furniture industry, the Chinese furniture industry will usher in a second period of rapid development. This period is not mainly in the expansion of quantity, but in the improvement of quality.

  After entering the 21st century, the Chinese government has proposed to accelerate the pace of urbanization and small urbanization, to fully prosper the rural economy, and speed up the process of urbanization, in order to further stimulate the consumer market and expand the consumption field. This move by the state will surely further promote housing construction in China, thus enabling the development of industries related to housing. The State Council has proposed housing industrialization in accordance with social and development needs, and this move will drive the standardization, serialization, and industrialization of tens of thousands of products supporting housing. Due to the development of housing industrialization, housing has entered the market as a commodity, providing development space for various types of furniture and supporting products. China's furniture industry has huge market potential.

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