The Dragon Ball franchise relied heavily on the heroes and villains’ intrinsic power, so the viewers hardly ever came across any traditional weapon that seemed threatening to either one of them. However, Goku’s signature Power Pole was quite often used when he was young. But with time, it became irrelevant, and most fans forgot about it. Goku’s Power Pole has a history worth looking into, explaining why it was stopped from being used later on as the franchise progressed.

The Power Pole was introduced in the first episode of Dragon Ball alongside Goku. It was a gift that was given to him by Gohan, the Martial Arts Master. It quickly became a huge part of Goku’s every adventure around the world. Although it has some magical powers, the most important thing about it was its ability to extend beyond its initial reach. With a few days of practice and concentration, the Pole can be used as a great weapon. Goku even used it to send Monster Carrot and his minions on moons to punish them for attacking his friends.

It is later revealed that the Power Pole belonged to Korin, who would use it to connect the base of the floating lookout to the top of his tower. At some point in time, Korin had given it to Master Roshi, who later gave it to Gohan, his friend. Goku then received the Power Pole from Gohan and used it for a long time. It became an important tool for Goku, and he used it to fight the likes of the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo, and Garlic Jr. But, with time, most villains and heroes went on to achieve high power levels, which made the Power Pole ineffective in combat. When the heroes gained the ability to fly, its value as a tool for accessing the lookout became redundant. 

Irrespective of all this, the Power Pole remained one of the only tools used by the heroes in the Dragon Ball franchise. It was an important tool that became part of a ton of media, and Goku carried it with him in various games. Dragon Ball Xenoverse was one of the games in which The Power Pole was even used as a weapon. It is worth noticing that in the final moments of Dragon Ball GT, Goku had the pole. It was initially set up as the franchise’s conclusion, which means that The Power Pole did get a lot of attention. Since it was one of the last physical connections between him and the man who sacrificed so much for him, it would be fitting if Goku still has it even in his final form. 

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