Remote work and travel is the dream of many freelancers and not only. Now more and more people choose a flexible schedule, leave their usual lifestyle and go to explore countries around the world. Despite the huge attraction, this lifestyle brings with it several difficulties, a lot of stress and constant challenges.

If you already work remotely, but want to do it while traveling, below are some useful life hacks from a freelancer with experience. These rules will help you better adapt to your travel work, be less stressed, and adapt faster.

Choose cities suitable for comfortable remote work

For freelancers when traveling, the most important things are good Wi-Fi, affordable housing, community for communication and safety, especially if you are flying alone. Now the lists of the most suitable places are in the lead: Bali, Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Be sure to check your desired destination with the Nomad List website before making your decision . All cities of the world are presented there in the form of a special rating for digital nomads and freelancers.

Explore the concept of "slow travel"


Remote work while traveling is a huge stress not only for beginners, but also for already experienced freelancers. For a comfortable life and exploring a new country, I advise you to choose the “slow travel” philosophy. This is the idea of ​​slow, measured travel and exploration of the city for at least 2-3 months. This philosophy has several benefits: you can create a routine, get to know the place calmly, get used to a new working environment, save on housing, get to know the locals and much more. Without haste, you will get much more pleasure from the format of work on the road.

Time management and creating a routine

The biggest challenge you will face is finding a balance between quality rest and productive work. I advise you to set priorities for the day, week and month. And also clearly divide the time for rest and exploration of the city. The better you plan your day, the less stress and more productivity.

Moreover, I advise you to find comfortable places to work in advance. Tripadvisor / Yelp is suitable for finding a cafe , Get Croissant is an app for coworking spaces .


Take care of the security of yourself, your equipment, data and passwords, as well as finances. Think about the budget in advance, it is advisable to have an airbag for emergencies.

Order spare bank cards. Make backup copies of all important documents, save passwords. Believe me, it is much more difficult to recover lost cards and passwords while traveling, the same goes for equipment and files. All this can jeopardize your work.

Always check timezones

And the last. Check time zones regularly with clients! Many countries switch to winter/summer time. Also, let your clients know ahead of time if your work hours and schedule change dramatically. Designate a new mode, make a special memo so that both you and the customer feel comfortable working. After all, there is nothing worse than missing an important deadline or a video call with a client.