Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) is affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and is one of the most prestigious medical universities in Iran.

It is a state medical university located in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Established in 1946, the university is the second oldest medical school in the country. TUOMS has always been actively involved not only in academic activities but also in research, health and treatment.

The university is a nationally recognized institution of higher education with a wide range of opportunities for study and research in medical fields and excellent facilities and superior education, research and treatment services to the community. TUOMS is the home campus for statewide programs in medical disciplines such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, Health, Nutrition, Management and Information, Nursing and Midwifery, Paramedics and Rehabilitation and Advanced Sciences.

As one of the best medical research universities in Iran, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences strives to encourage researchers and facilitate their needs in order to achieve its research and academic goals. The university, through its eight vice-chancellors, tries to fulfil three main missions: research, education and health.

It is a pioneering leader in the creation and application of knowledge and is committed to sharing its contribution to ensuring and improving public health in society.

In line with the Islamic-Iranian model, TUOMS strives to keep its prestigious and prominent position among national medical universities. The university is trying hard to be active among medical universities internationally.

Finally, knowledge-based development is defined as the main principle to be considered in all activities. To achieve this goal, the following programs are followed:

Training committed and qualified staff in various medical groups based on Islamic-Iranian culture.
- Continuous improvement of health system-related scientific skills and abilities of staff and graduates.
- Participating in promoting and promoting mental and social health through "knowledge exchange" and the promotion of science.
- Development of new knowledge and technologies and application of research results and entrepreneurship in health-related fields.
- Improving the quality of life in accordance with the Islamic-Iranian way of life.
- Oversight and participation in the policy-making process and emphasis on vulnerable groups of society, provision of optimal health services at all levels.
- Expanding and promoting religious culture and providing services for the physical and mental health of medical students and staff
- Develop relationships with policy-making centres of the health system and collaborate with national and international higher education institutions.