Can you make your solar panels last longer?

Generally speaking, solar panels are very durable. Most manufacturers test their panels to confirm that they can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, and many solar panels are also specially tested to ensure that they can withstand hail. In addition, solar systems usually have no moving parts, and they require little maintenance.

The best way to make your solar panels work for a long time is to cooperate with reputable installers and provide reliable customer service. It is also important to buy solar panels with a strict warranty period - many panel manufacturers provide 10 to 12 years of equipment warranty for their panels, including defects and environmental damage, as well as a production warranty period that usually lasts 25 years, to ensure that the panels generate more than a certain amount of energy for your family.

However, keeping your solar panel system well maintained can lead to a lower degradation rate every year and can promise longer panel performance. Here are some measures to make your solar panels last longer:

Have the installer or service provider check the panel regularly

The best way to ensure long-term use of solar panels is to have your solar system regularly inspected by installers or operation and maintenance (O & M) suppliers. Regular inspection can find potential problems, such as loose racks, exposed wires, and other areas of concern. It is important to have a professional inspection panel, not to do it yourself, because you can cancel your panel warranty if you eventually scratch or damage your roof panel.

The inspection of your solar panel may also include the inspection of other equipment related to solar installation, that is, your solar inverter and roof rack system. The PV installation of a typical central inverter will last 10 to 15 years, so it will need to be replaced at some point in the life cycle of your solar panel. However, micro inverters are a new and popular choice of central inverters, which usually provide the same life as solar panels - 25 years. When using shelves, make sure that the panels are firmly installed on the roof so that they will not loosen, move or fall off completely.

Keep your panel away from debris and other harmful materials

When you install the solar panel for the first time, your installer will ensure that no trees can cast shadows or branches fall on the panel. As long as you can avoid physical damage to solar panels, they will continue to produce energy for many years, which may far exceed the "life" of typical solar panels of 25 to 30 years. You can even buy special products to prevent specific types of physical damage to your panel. For example, animal guards on solar panels can prevent animals such as squirrels and birds from nesting under the panels, which can cause damage to the panels and wires over time.