Due to the fact that it was processing a constant D2R Items connections from game servers. At this point, we also noticed that we could improve the configuration of our database event logging, which is vital to restore an ideal state of health in the event an issue with the database, and thus we did these, and then conducted a further investigation of the root causes.

Not exactly the recipe for an enjoyable weekend, but that's what it was. It's also why players had problems with their playing progress. The player would select a character, play then play for a bit however, the regional server wasn't able to connect with the central database due to an incident.

The game couldn't reveal what Diablo 2's "ground truth" about the brand new equipment and XP that you'd earned which resulted in players being frustrated and losing some of the progress they'd made.

The issue only got more serious following that. The Diablo 2 servers came back on the internet, but they occurred during a time which saw the most players online. even though the servers rebounded quickly, they crashed almost immediately after the hundreds of thousands D2R Ladder Items Buy instances fired up.