Shan Qi was unusually silent all the way, and even when the four princes looked for her to talk, she was absent-minded and out of her mind. The four princes gathered their eyebrows and stared at her for a few breaths, pulling the reins a little farther away. According to past experience, this kind of woman, who is trapped by love and whose brain is not working well for the time being, still has to go as far as possible, otherwise the city gate will catch fire and the fish in the pond will suffer greatly. All the way is not fast, Shan Qi sat on horseback, the whole person is in a trance. Her heart was still beating fast, her face was burning faintly, her head was in a mess, she was dizzy, and she couldn't think clearly for a moment. She had never thought that Zheng Feng would have such a side, cold and indifferent, heart like stone, but can cherish such a burning, strong, feeling, mind, Rao is far away from her, but also can feel his urgency and difficulty in self-control. Although Shan Qi has always been in the army and camp, she still knows very little about men and women. Today, when she saw such a scene, she did not have much disgust, jealousy and jealousy in her heart, but she gave birth to an inexplicable Qi Nian Chun Si. She knew that it was very wrong to think so, but once the idea came to her mind,smart boards for conference rooms, she could not help thinking about it countless times. Tall, strong, healthy, men and delicate, small, soft, weak women, every scene makes people mouth, dry, tongue dry. Zheng Feng and Shen Shi should not know that they saw this kiss. Shan Qi closed her eyes and felt restless for no reason. Over and over again,86 smart board, she thought of Zheng Feng holding Shen's face, gentle and heavy, surly, to kiss, when she went up, reflected in her eyes. The expression of forbearance and restraint, affection, heat, difficulty and endurance taught her. The blood of the muddy body rushed to the head, the top of the heart, the hair of the whole body also stood up, and the heart was also a burst of heat and a burst of cool. Entangled. Mian. To the extreme. That kind of situation makes Shan Qi almost unable to move her eyes. She didn't know that men and women could do this. Close, intimate, warm, and the mind is interlinked, which makes people unable to be jealous for a time. Shan Qi also looked for a curtain hat to put on to cover up her face. Her blush was abnormal. The eyes of the people here were more poisonous than one. If they didn't cover up, it wouldn't take long to see the clue. Just now, when she was peeping in the dark, she even wanted to replace her without shame. Such a man can be so light, pity, electronic board for classroom ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, honey, love, pain, drowning, bone, even if only for a moment, it is enough to make people recall for a lifetime. Shan Qi's horse was a little restless. She relaxed the reins and reached out to touch her seat and ride. Shen Qingyu's face and her expression often dangled in front of her eyes. To be honest, at that time, who can resist this kind of woman. As a daughter, she feels that Shen is soft, charming, graceful, attractive and soulful. Had it not been for Zheng Feng's indulgence and forgetting to return at that time, she could not have peeped and explored for a long time. I really didn't expect that the endurance and eyesight trained in the past would be used in this kind of thing one day. She almost merged herself with the tree, the trunk, the Bush, and did not dare to make a sound. Then she had to go, and she left the hidden place in a daze. Are you sad? Shan Qi sighed, after watching this scene, her heart is more of a sense of loss, as if she has accepted fate, has admitted defeat, even a trace of delusion can not be born. The sweetheart is far away from the clouds, and she can't even touch the cloud angle. Shan Qi's strange silence and loss could not hide the fact that this line of work had almost become a fine person, but everyone tacitly knew how far away they were, talking and laughing with each other, pretending not to feel anything. Soon to the next town, the bodyguard first, has packed the whole inn, into the house, Shen Qingyu first thing to do is to soak in the barrel to bathe. The bath bucket was newly bought by the female guard, and it had been washed and cleaned several times. Shen Qingyu put her hands on the edge of the bucket, feeling that the days with tiles to cover her head, doors and windows to block the wind, and hot water to bathe were simply too beautiful, and there should not be too many extravagant demands. With contrast, it was easy to be satisfied. After sleeping in the open air and being frightened, she felt that such a house was simply a fairy land on earth. When Zheng Feng returned to the room, Shen Qingyu had already changed her clothes. The pink and orange front reflects the little face that has just come out of the bath. It is delicate and tender. It looks like a thin flower petal stained with dew and water. It is full of sweet breath. She sat in front of the mirror, holding the comb slowly to tie their hair, see Zheng Feng came in, immediately quickly met up, asked him if he wanted to bathe and change clothes first. Take a break for a while and take you out to eat local specialties. Zheng Feng ordered people to prepare hot water and stood beside the couch with wide clothes on his back. Then I'll go and talk to Rong'er, and you can wash it first. Shen Qingyu tied up her hair at random and turned to go out. In the second half of the day, when they shared a ride, her ears and neck were badly burned by his breath. These days are on the road, or temporarily stay in the inn, rest time is not enough, or sleep in the desolate house, the wind and rain can not stop, he held her every night when sleeping, what is the response to her are clear. Now they have almost a day to rest here, the layout of the inn is also very elegant and comfortable, just when he looked at her when he entered the door, her heart jumped for no reason, can not help but want to hide. Ear came a light laugh, Shen Qingyu footsteps a meal, the back is a little stiff. Zheng Feng put his coat on the edge of the bed. He turned around and untied the jade belt. He stared at her in his spare time. "What are you afraid of? Someone in the house will eat you." The word "eat" was clearly and heavily bitten by him. Shen Qingyu thought of Wen Cun at that time. The words he said in his ears were tingling from his heart to his hands and feet. As soon as Shen Qingyu's feet moved, Zheng Feng suddenly looked like a fierce tiger staring at a hunting object. His shoulders and arms were already stretched with a muscular, fleshy, hard and elegant outline,smartboard for business, and the whole person was carrying a sense of danger. Shen Qingyu did not dare to move again. She pursed her lips and crouched around herself. The author has something to say: there is still a watch later ~ Chapter 177 smelling roses. When there was a knock at the door outside, Zheng Feng was still drowning in the gentle countryside, and he was too lazy to answer.