Almost overnight, Phoenix Technologies became popular. There was a long line in front of the deserted store yesterday. The virtual helmet in stock in the store was sold out in less than a day. Many customers do not have so much money, so they find a few friends who also like games, buy a virtual helmet in a group, and play together. Stars, public figures and bosses of major companies have also posted their own virtual helmet on Weibo, and then made a very high evaluation of it, which invisibly enhanced the status of Phoenix Technologies. Chapter 2051 continued popularity (1). In foreign countries, with the help of the Rothschild family, the virtual helmet sold only a few hundred units on the first day, but its effect is amazing! Because most of the people who buy virtual helmets are public figures, most of them just want to see what charm the small Phoenix Technology Company in China has that can make the Rothschild family take the initiative to cooperate with them. When they got the virtual helmet and tried it out, they had to marvel at the precision of the Rothschild family's vision. The virtual helmet produced by Apple Tree seems to be a whole era behind this helmet. It seems that two helmets are competing, but in fact it is a big competition of science and technology, and in this competition, China undoubtedly won. Apple Tree recalled all the virtual headsets on the market overnight. Things can no longer be sold. Even if they are sold, no one will want them. They will only make themselves more humiliated in the market. On the contrary, the sales of the virtual helmet produced by Phoenix Technology Company are rising steadily. In such an era of economic downturn, the virtual helmet has sold tens of millions of units for two consecutive weeks,75 smart board, and even has been in short supply. The virtual helmet produced by Phoenix Technologies is so shocking that anyone who has bought it can't help recommending it to his friends and relatives around him. In particular, Phoenix Technologies released a new function about half a month after the product went on the market, that is, live broadcasting. It's amazing that you can broadcast live in the virtual world. In the past, many people thought that they could only have a good time in the virtual world, at most forming a team and building a base, but now Phoenix Technologies has launched the function of live broadcasting,interactive flat panel display, which makes people crazy. That virtual world is too real, if the live broadcast function is opened, it is like another zombie world, it is not a movie, as if it can really exist, the bloody cruelty of zombies, the cunning wit of people, there will be a variety of powers in the later period, this scene will make people feel blood boiling as long as you think about it. Especially for those players who play live games, they lose their computers directly and buy a virtual helmet with a loan. As soon as the live broadcast function was launched, many players started the live broadcast. Those who had no money or were hesitating to buy it could not believe their eyes when they saw the virtual world appearing in the live broadcast. Although the celebrities on the Internet have said that the virtual helmet produced by Phoenix Technologies seems to be able to enter another parallel world, a world that seems to be the real end of the world. In the live broadcast, the cruel doomsday world seems to be real, with lifelike scenes, interactive panel board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, dense and overwhelming zombies, and the most real reaction of human beings in the face of danger, which can be reflected in the game. In the virtual world, human beings feel more excitement and excitement. With the mass sales of virtual headsets, there are more and more human beings in the virtual world. Many humans find it difficult to survive in the cruel end of the world alone, so they spontaneously begin to form teams, because they are not familiar with each other, so the powerful person is the boss. In the virtual world, there are no laws, so some people can do whatever they want, rob and kill, and all kinds of conspiracies emerge in endlessly, so that the audience watching the live broadcast is dazzled. Chapter 2052 continued popularity (2). There is a beast in everyone's heart. In the real world, the law is the collar that binds the beast. In the virtual world, human beings can freely release the dark side of their hearts. They vent their negative emotions in the virtual world and mediate their dissatisfaction with the real world. A doctor even reported that one of his hypochondriac patients was addicted to the game after he came into contact with the virtual helmet of Phoenix Technology. At first, the doctor was worried that his patient would be confused by the virtual world and aggravate his illness. After all, the virtual world is a cruel, bloody, conspiratorial and dark world. But unexpectedly, a month later, the patient with depression was cured without medicine! He seems to leave all the negative emotions in that virtual world, in that virtual world, the patient did not team up with anyone to kill zombies to upgrade the level, but alone in the battle with zombies, constantly improve their skills and experience, became a little famous lone ranger, worshipped by many people. As soon as the news was released, it aroused many people's comments. Although this situation is special, it is tantamount to increasing the influence of virtual helmet and making humans more curious about it. Then many similar posts and news were reported. Among them, one of the more interesting is a manic patient, in the virtual world, he became the captain of a hunting team, led his team members, all the way to Daguai upgrade, his mania in the false world can be endless release, no one will blame him, no one will bind him, in the false world, he can enjoy the killing. Without the condemnation of conscience, So his mania is slowly getting better. This virtual world is accessible to all who have a virtual helmet. Sales of virtual helmets in Japan, Bonzi, the United States and many developed countries in the world have been rising all the way. Although the virtual world is divided into 24 areas, it can often see blonde foreigners,interactive digital whiteboard, as well as Japanese-speaking Japanese. Language in this virtual world, there is no difficulty, two people using different languages can start the translation function when communicating.