Qingyu blushed and bowed her head. "I know. I'll go and see him later." Long Tengyun said with a smile, "Well, I have something to do. You can arrange your own time." Then he turned away. Out of Yixin Garden, Long Tengyun happened to meet Zhao Mu, the supervisor, who rushed back. As soon as they met, Zhao Mu asked, "Villa Leader, is Number One back?" Long Tengyun shook his head and said, "No, how did you get this wound?" As soon as Zhao Mu's face changed, he exclaimed, "No, something has happened." "Don't panic," said Long Tengyun. "Let's go inside and talk slowly." Then he took Zhao Mu back to his study. Closing the door, Zhao Mu told the story of Xiaojieling. Then he said, "After I left, I went all the way back. I didn't want to meet Hanjiang Old Man and Honghua Ghost Old Man on the way. As a result, I was injured and delayed.". In order to protect me, the three people who accompanied me tried their best to stop each other, so that I could get away. Long Tengyun's face darkened and he asked, "Are you sure no one knows Liu Yunyang's punch?" Zhao Mu said, "According to the analysis of the situation at that time,touch screen whiteboard, no one knew who was present." Long Tengyun looked gloomy and snorted coldly, "In that case, this Liu Yunyang is very scheming. He can't be allowed to live any longer." Zhao Mu said worriedly, "This man has extraordinary strength. I'm afraid it's not easy to kill him." Long Tengyun said, "I have my own plan for this. Now I'd like to talk about No.1.". Do you think he was stopped by the master halfway because of what he was carrying, or did he have an accident? "I do have that in mind," said Zhao Mu. At that time, the situation was chaotic, and the treasure in the cold pool was obtained by the disabled woman,65 inch touch screen, but the first piece of cold jade bracelet was obtained by us. At the moment, I don't know what the mystery is, but after all, it comes from the cold pool, which is somewhat attractive. Long Tengyun nodded and said, "Your analysis is also reasonable. Since we have intervened in this matter, we will never allow others to destroy it.". Now you immediately go to gather the experts and start investigating this matter. Zhao Mu asked, "Which force is the Villa Leader going to use?" Long Tengyun said, "They are the masters of the Hunting Hall. They are more suitable.". In addition, I have sent a master to deal with Li Yu. If you see him give in temporarily in the future, you don't have to sacrifice in vain. "This subordinate understands," said Zhao Mu. "Don't worry, Villa Leader." Then he left. Sitting quietly in the room, Long Tengyun was lost in thought. After a while, he said to himself, "The situation is getting more and more complicated. I have to speed up my pace.". It's just that there's still some trouble in the Council. Moments later, smartboards for business ,digital touch screen board, Long Tengyun got up and quietly came to a remote courtyard, clapping gently and making a long and short sound. Suddenly, a breeze suddenly appeared in the courtyard, and a slender figure appeared in the courtyard. It was a man shrouded in blue and yellow light, who could only roughly see his body shape, but could not see his appearance. The Villa Leader has summoned me. What's the matter? Long Tengyun said indifferently, "I'm looking for you this time because I want you to do something for me." "That's what the Villa Leader ordered," said the man. Long Tengyun said, "Now the situation in the world has changed. The appearance of the monster has pinned down everyone's eyes.". I want you to take this opportunity to execute Liu Yunyang secretly. The man said, "It is said that this man's strength is amazing. With my personal strength, I'm afraid." Long Tengyun said, "I have already considered this. You are not the only one in this action. You will take the lead. The three, four and five gentlemen will cooperate with you." The man shows amazement a bit, cry softly: "4 people join hands?"? This is equivalent to half the strength of the Moon Shadow Hall. Long Tengyun said coldly, "If you want to succeed, you must be sure to win." As soon as the man's mind shook, he immediately put away his excitement and said calmly, "Everything obeys the orders of the Villa Leader.". When will we leave? "Get ready," said Long Tengyun. "We'll set out later." The man answered and disappeared in the blink of an eye. [ (M) No popup reading] 〖∷〗 ww w . xia oshu otxt.co m Episode 4 Ghost Castle Chapter 133 Evil Spirit Attacks People . Look at the cave in front of you. Smiling, Canghai frowned and said, "There's something strange about this place. What did you and Fengyi find out last time?" Liu Yunyang recalled for a moment and said softly, "Go in along the entrance. There is a fork road not far away. Last time I walked with Feng Yi on the right side of the fork road, I found three caves inside. They are Youlian Shuifu, Lianhun Dongtian, and Destiny Karma." Xiao Canghai's face was startled and he called out softly, "Refining the Soul Cave?"? It is one of the four legendary Jedi, and the most mysterious, most people simply do not know the details. Liu Yunyang was stupefied and said thoughtfully, "I remember in the world of clouds and immortals, you once mentioned the forest of ghosts, saying that it was one of the four Jedi in the world.". Before, you also mentioned the Jiuqu Cave of Bixia Peak, plus the Soul Refining Cave, I don't know the name of the last place left? Xiao Canghai Road: "Each of the four Jedi in the world has its own mystery. They are Xiafeng Jiuqu Cave, Ghost Forest, Qisha Valley and Soul Refining Cave.". Among them, the Soul Refining Cave is the most mysterious, which has been handed down for thousands of years but has never been introduced into the world. The ghost forest is the most evil. It is said that it is a place where ghosts are entrenched. It is difficult for any creature to live near it. The Valley of the Seven Evil Spirits is the most horrible. It is inhabited by the Lord of the Seven Evil Spirits. For a thousand years, I have never heard of anyone leaving there alive. But Bixia Peak Jiuqu Cave is hidden and weird, Jiuqu Zhenjun protects the short and overbearing, and most people retreat. Liu Yunyang felt a slight shock in his mind and exclaimed, "You really deserve to be one of the four Jedi. Each place is more mysterious than the other." Smiling at the sea, he said, "There are all kinds of strange things in the world. There are always many areas where there are some unknown things.". All right, let's not talk about that. Let's go in first. Liu Yunyang answered. With a smile, the sea slowly entered, and soon smoothly entered the curtain of water mansion. Looking at the scenery nearby, he smiled and frowned slightly. "There are people ahead, and there are quite a few," he whispered. Liu Yunyang did not speak, the eyes of the soul instantly captured the situation ahead, a series of figures emerged in his mind. Liu Yunyang knew all of these people,interactive touch screens education, including Duanhun Langjun, Shenghuo Langjun, Lioxin and eight disciples of Cihang Jianzhai. They formed an arc and were distributed near the attic where the Dragon King of Shuifu lived. hsdsmartboard.com