Chop nine days, cut ten layers of ground, Ye Fan like cut open nine days and ten places, opened up a side of the world, chaos filled the air, one after another ancient stars appeared, slowly rotating, sending out peerless invincible power. He pushed one big star after another, like a fairy king coming to the world, sending out the power of grinding the world, and the real body and the Taoist body blocked the three people in the sea of stars. This is More and more people came, and both the ancient people and the strong human beings were shocked. It's really a man fighting alone against the three ancient princes! Ye Fan shot, magnificent, one after another ancient stars of life rotation, power fluctuations without horses, each ancient star can be turned into a sword, a tripod, a big bell, incompetent without horses. Clang! An ancient star turned into a Taoist sword and split down. When.. Another ancient star sent out a roar like Huang Zhong Da Lu, and the leisurely divine wave shattered the sky and swept the three ancient princes. This is a big battle, which makes people dizzy and tremble with excitement. Holy prince and day prince life and death is absolute, kill to white-hot! But Ye Fan one person temporarily stops three ancient princes is lets the human several suspect in the dream. Chapter 1058 unyielding. Magnificent star sea, one after another ancient star rotation, full of the mark of life, each one is magnificent, together like a star field falling. A long bell rang through the universe, in this star field, the big star turned into a holy bell,face recognition identification kiosk, the sound of Tao spread, sweeping through the six and eight wastelands. Clearly visible ripples shake out, where the stars are dry and silent, the mountains collapse and the sea boils, and everything is shattered. However, Huang Xudao and Huo Qizi and others are not easy, one by one, the way is profound, the magic power rolls up the sky, everyone is the pride of the day! They were all the "first people" in their respective worlds at that time. They were sealed up only because they became immortals. Now, they manifest in the same world. Otherwise,interactive whiteboard prices, how can they meet? If one of these characters can appear, it is against the sky! Although the body of Huang Xu Dao is blurred, it always stands in the traces of the road, but it is so powerful that it makes people palpitate. Its momentum swallows mountains and rivers. With one punch, the big bell turned into an ancient star suddenly stops, and the ripples are fixed. The sound of a phoenix roared across the sea of stars, which was greater than the ancient bell. The phoenix raised its arms and struck, like a hurricane in the sky blowing across the sea of stars. The holy bell cracked and sent out a harsh broken sound, which exploded in the void. At the same time, the phoenix sang endlessly, hitting the sea of stars, one after another ancient stars exploded, and the star field displayed by Ye Fan dimmed in an instant. "Dong!" Ye Fan and Huang Xudao hit each other hard and really hit each other. Both of their bodies shook violently, and then they flew away upside down. The stars dimmed a lot again. Ah Fire Kirin long roar, a head of blue hair loose, although he is slender, but it looks like an ancient barbarian dragon, blood gas pressure cover nine days and ten places, waving down the road. Ye Fan's other body, information kiosk price ,temperature screening kiosk, eyes like two sharp knives, he also went forward bravely, to meet the attack, fists and fingers in the six true meaning! "Poof!" Two people fight together, the body of the front, the road confrontation, congenital competition, acquired competition, from all aspects of the decisive battle, fierce and incomparable, into two groups of light, intertwined with the road marks and so on. Brush " The two figures separated, many ancient stars split, and the star field was dim. And the real land was even more dilapidated, the battlefield had advanced eight hundred miles to the Great Wilderness, the ridges were broken, one main peak after another was razed to the ground, and nothing was left. Boom! The holy prince fought against the heavenly prince, and both of them were really angry. The black iron bar swept across the eight wastelands and smashed all things. The immortal heavenly knife even cut through the nine heavens. The light of the Tao was inextricably linked, and there was a continuous fierce confrontation. Poof! The holy prince coughed up blood, his golden hair stood on end, like a bright golden God of war, and his fighting spirit was boiling. He was full of holy light and was the best in the world, but he was still injured in the battle. The prince was not much better, his handsome face flushed, the corners of his mouth overflowed with wisps of blood, and the monkey's big stick weighed billions of yuan, which made him feel more laborious. The father of both is a peerless legend, one is respected by all clans, which began in the early days of ancient times, and the other is ruling in the late years of ancient times, which is far away from each other. The battle between the Holy Prince and the Heavenly Prince was all the more remarkable. "The battle between the emperor and the emperor is an alternative continuation of the battle between the emperor and the ancient emperor, which is exciting!" Many people of the ancient clan were in high spirits, and many of them were so excited that they trembled. They all clenched their fists and watched nervously. The Terran friar was so powerful that he stopped the three ancient princes by himself? Although a long time, it is bound to fall, but it still makes people feel too unreal, amazing! Even the celebrities of the ancient clan were moved. In all directions, on every hill, the monks are boundless, watching the battle from a distance, and naturally there are some famous families of the human race. When there are more people, they naturally say everything, because everyone has different views and different perceptions. This is a tragedy, ah, what kind of group of people, why angered the prince, leading to the destruction of many sects, so that innocent mortals in Yandu died tragically, is really a sinner. "I said, Li Daochang, you have gone too far in compassion for the world. For so many years, the prince of heaven has come to the Eastern Wilderness. Has he killed fewer people? Has he not destroyed enough of the local orthodoxy? Everyone feels insecure and dares not fight against it. Who knows his ambition?"? Now it is not easy to come up with a man who dares to fight against him, but he has become a sinner. Someone was cold. Then he shouldn't involve innocent people! Li Daochang shouted. The battlefield is not a fairy tale, not a child's play, when not dead, has always been cruel. Why implicate the innocent? The prince has always regarded the human race as a mole ant. Are there few human masters killed over the years? And who is involved, also want to count on this group of people? Some people rise up to resist, and the prince of heaven is insane, slaughtering innocent mortals to vent his anger, can this also blame the rebels? If so, all human beings are silent, and it is best to be a submissive slave. "Then he should be open and aboveboard with the prince of heaven,digital signage screen, and should not be so calculating, that also appears to be atmospheric and glorious, so that we may be implicated." Li Daochang shouted.