Feng Sha stood in front of him and said indifferently, "Speak!" The robot said in a flat tone, "Last night, I bolted the door, connected the wires, and started charging.". When charging, the power is cut off according to the default setting. In the morning, I found that the door was open, there were footprints in the room, and there were traces of women touching my hands, probably substances such as incense powder, the specific chemical composition has not yet been analyzed. The seal sand is silent, after a long time, orders: "Later when charging, must lock the door from the inside with the iron lock, again the table top above.". Close the windows, hang the curtains, and do not cut off the power when charging, once you find someone approaching, stop charging immediately. "If you don't cut off the power, the charging speed will be too slow to supply the energy needed during the day, and it will consume the body's own energy blocks," Shaodi said dryly. "Execute the command!" Feng Sha said indifferently. Yes Emperor Shao hung his head mechanically to show his obedience. Feng Sha turned around and slowly stepped out of the study, suddenly with a trace of indescribable fatigue in his heart. The fragrance of the powder was still on his cheeks, his neck, and his clothes. His eyes showed the desolate eyes of the beautiful girl who had thrown herself into her arms. What was she thinking in her weak and strong heart? ※ ※ ※ The morning of the day was cancelled on the grounds that the emperor was not feeling well. In fact, it is much more important for an unscrupulous brain to get a useful talent than to go to court early. In the secluded bamboo grove of the new General Mansion, Huang Shang and Feng Sha sat opposite each other beside the stone table, enjoying tea leisurely and carefree. Pointing to the elegant back garden, Huang Shang showed off, "Boss, isn't the mansion I prepared for you good?"? Although it is not as solemn as the original house, it is still more exquisite and elegant. In the future, your wives can pick tea, flutter butterflies, play in the water and enjoy flowers here. How emotional it will be! "Well." Feng Sha said indifferently that he did not care about the change of a mansion, nor did he ask the reason. Huang Shang changed the subject and said in a deep voice, "What did you find in the study?" Feng Sha said lightly, "Someone entered the study by mistake at night and forgot to close the door when he left." "Have you strayed into the study of the Son of Heaven?" He sneered? That's a capital offense! Even if the Son of Heaven doesn't kill him, I will kill him! What we need to know now is who is this man? He frowned and murmured, "It shouldn't be the guards. The soldiers have all been transferred out of the palace to guard outside the palace gate. Anyone who dares to enter the palace gate will be captured and killed immediately. Then there are only women left in the palace." He squinted at Feng Sha and said with a smirk, "Boss, are you hiding something from me?" Feng Sha calmly tasted the tea, facial recognition thermometer , his face unchanged, neither admitting nor denying it. "Actually, you know who that man is, don't you?" He said with a smile? It's a pity that the girl is so beautiful that you can't bear to sell her, so you have to hide it from me, don't you? "Why do you say that?" Feng Sha asked indifferently. "Is there any need to ask?" He said with a laugh? There were all girls in the palace last night except you, and the maid I found was very beautiful. Whoever entered the study by mistake and discovered the secret was a beautiful girl. You must be reluctant to let me kill her! He shook his head and mused, "Let me guess who she is!"! Well, it can't be the two sisters-in-law. They were with you last night. I'm afraid their legs are still weak. How can they have the energy to go to the study so far away? Should not be a palace maid, this time the palace maid's courage is very small, and have been ordered in advance, who dares to disturb the sick son of heaven to rest? There was a sharp cold light in his eyes, and he said coldly, "Well, there's only one person left in the palace who meets the requirements!" Chapter 71 the hidden enemy (part two). Seal the sand surface without changing color, as if you had not heard it. Unscrupulous wisdom looked at him coldly and said in a cold voice, "Boss, that man is Princess Wannian Liu Mu, isn't he?" Sealing the sand is still calmly tasting tea, even the surface of the water in the teacup in his hand is not the slightest wave. "Boss, when you hear me say her name, your hands don't shake, your pores don't shrink, your breathing is still steady, and even your pupils don't dilate in an instant!"! If others behave like this, I will think that he knows nothing about it, but I am the one who knows you best in the world, and you have no abnormal performance, which is the biggest abnormality! Say, you've found out it's her, haven't you? Feng Sha ignored it and still enjoyed the tea leisurely; he had known that he could not hide it from the super brain with superior intelligence. Even if he didn't say it himself, he could guess it. Unscrupulous wisdom suddenly laughed and said, "Boss, are you still afraid that I will kill her?"? Such a beautiful beauty, although the figure is almost, I do not want to kill her ah! Feng Sha blurted out: "Her figure is not bad..." He suddenly woke up and stopped talking. "So that's it," said the unscrupulous brain suddenly! I said that her body proportion was a little strange, and it turned out that she had wrapped her chest with white cloth! Hey, boss, how do you know? Have you seen her naked? He smiled like a thief, and his black eyes looked up and down at Feng Sha. Seeing that Feng Sha did not deny it, he wondered, "Did you really see it?"? Well, you have the fragrance of powder on your body, but it is not commonly used by the two sisters-in-law. You must have a close relationship with her. That's right. If you conquer her together, you won't be afraid of what she will say! He stretched out his hand and patted Feng Sha warmly on the shoulder, saying, "Boss, you are so awesome!"! Conquered together with sister-in-law's stepdaughter, the younger brother's admiration for you is like. "Don't talk nonsense!" Fengsha Jiankou Road. hsdtouch.com