Lin Jing then no longer spoke, Mu Qing saw him so determined, but also saw him some uncomfortable, afraid of such a stalemate he was even more uncomfortable, had to follow good advice to sit in the car. It's just that Lin Jing put a scarf on the deputy seat, and the driver said to her, "Secretary Mu, sit in the back, or take care of General Manager Qin." Muqing had to sit down beside Qin Mulin. She looked at him and saw that he closed his eyes with some discomfort. Qin Mulin kept that posture all the way, looking really uncomfortable. Looking at him like that, Muqing could not do anything for him, and there was a surge of helpless sadness in his heart. The driver, Uncle Bai, was skilled in driving and drove very smoothly. When he entered the community, the car stopped. He said to Muqing, "Secretary Mu, I'm home." Muqing thanked Uncle Bai. She was a person who had to wear a seat belt in the back seat. She took off her seat belt and turned to look at Qin Mulin. She saw that he was also looking at herself. The lights outside were dim, and in order to facilitate Qin Mulin's rest, the lights inside the car were not turned on. Muqing did not see very clearly, but felt that Qin Mulin seemed to be staring at her. But she did not think of him, only said to Qin Mu Lin: "I went back, thank Qin Zong." Qin Mu Lin seemed to nod, Mu Qing looked at him like this,Agate Slabs For Sale, expected him to be very uncomfortable, some heartache said: "Qin always go back to have a good rest, tomorrow is the weekend." He still nodded, and when Muqing saw that he had heard, he opened the car door and went into the night. After Muqing left, Uncle Bai was ready to start, but Qin Mulin shouted to him, "Go when the lights are on." Uncle Bai thought he was waiting for the street lights outside. He said,Marble Projects, "General Manager Qin, you can see that the lights are on!" Qin Mulin did not speak, but Uncle Bai looked at him in the rearview mirror and found him looking out of the window. Uncle Bai followed his line of sight and saw the lights of Muqing's house come on. Only then did Qin Mulin say, "Uncle Bai, go back!" Bai Shu has an impression of Qin Mu Lin's secretaries, to say the most favorite, it must be Wu Qiushuang, but Qin Mu Lin is not like this to Wu Qiushuang, they are mostly a kind of business familiarity. As for Bai Wen, not to mention. The wooden secretary, looking at General Manager Qin's appearance, wanted to send her back more than once. But looking at the wooden secretary's appearance, he did not look like the kind of person who asked for favor. Uncle Bai shook his head in his heart. He should worry less about the affairs of the host family. Muqing put down the bag and took out the makeup remover. Her own lipstick and eyebrows were also washed off with the newly bought makeup remover, and she took a beautiful bath, feeling more and more that life is better now. The skin care process after taking a bath is also essential. Sometimes, although Muqing is lazy, White Marble Mosaic ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, he will try to finish the process. The effect is also visible, her skin is white, almost no acne marks, the skin is also very delicate. Suitable clothes are hard to find, Mu Qing picked up his cell phone to ask Qin Yusi if she was free on the weekend. Qin Yusi indicated that there were arrangements for Saturday, but Sunday was OK. She used to be good at leading, but also asked Muqing what brand he wanted to buy and the price of clothes, so that he could drive directly. Mu Qing raised his hand to surrender and said to her, "I'm sure I won't buy something that's too expensive. I have to suit my own consumption level.". I don't know the exact brand that suits me. I want to go shopping more. Ask Qin Yusi again, "Is it inconvenient for you to drive?" "Then let's take the subway," he replied. "I haven't taken the subway for a long time." Muqing: "… …" But Qin Yusi said to her, "Qingqing, you can search what clothes brands are in the bigger shopping malls in S city. Generally, there is a price range.". You can search on the app. Muqing accepted good advice. She looked at it on the app for a long time, just in time to see a desirable one. She clicked on the option of sharing. But he didn't want Qin Mulin to send her a message on WeChat, saying, "I'm home. Ah Qing has worked hard. Let's have a rest earlier." The wood green immediately did not react to come over, that shares the content to send to Qin Mu Lin there. She cried out, even if the withdrawal of Qin Mu Lin also saw. "Ah Ching is not tired," replied Qin Mulin. Mu Qing still chose to withdraw, and then returned to Qin Mu Lin: "I'm sorry, Qin Zong, I sent the wrong message, you rest earlier.". ” Qin Mu Lin was sitting in his room when his mother knocked on his door and brought him a cup of sweet soup to sober him up. Qin Mulin has a residence near the company, which is convenient for him to go to work nearby. He bought it after deciding on the location of the new building. He has a very good relationship with his parents. As long as he is not too busy, he will choose to go back to the place where his parents live. He took the soup from his mother, drank a few mouthfuls, and asked her, "Where is Dad?" "Mother Qin said with a smile," He's been very leisurely and carefree recently. He's been addicted to binoculars and is working on the roof. Qin Mu Lin, whose father was nearly thirty years old, is now almost sixty years old and is in good spirits. Qin Mulin put down the soup in his hand and said, "I'll go and see him." Qin's mother held him down and let him sit at the head of the bed. She said to Qin Mulin, "You're almost thirty, but you haven't met a girl you like?" But Qin Mulin asked her, "Did grandma urge you again?" Qin's mother shyly said, "I'm a thoughtful person, and I'm not in a hurry to have grandchildren. I just hope you have a person who really likes you and knows the cold and knows the hot." Qin Mu Lin nodded. Their mother and son have a good relationship. Qin's mother almost never forces her son to do anything she doesn't like. She always stands on his side. Seeing that her son did not resent her words, she added, "Can't you talk to the girls of the Sun family before?" "You mean Sunya?"? She's too young. Qin mother laughs in the heart, where is this small not small problem, see not right eye just. She asked her son, "What do you like?" Qin Mu Lin could not answer. After thinking about it for a long time, Mu Qing looked at him in a flash and said, "You are sensible." What kind of answer is this? Mother Qin was discouraged and asked her son, "Mom will hold some parties. Can you go out and see more people?" She is a motherly heart, afraid of direct blind date to make Qin Mu embarrassed, had to take this circuitous route. Qin Mu Lin is not do not understand, but to tell the truth, they these circles of people,Calacatta Quartz Slab, he has to see the right eye of the girl, has long seen the right eye, do not have to wait until now.